Tarantula & New Art

Tonight, Kiki reminded me that the fireworks festival is coming up on Saturday night. I’ll try to check them out. City Folk and New Leaf have fireworks on Sundays in August instead of Saturdays, so it’s kind of good that they’re not all on the same nights.

Kiki: Saturday marks the start of Forest's annual fireworks show!
I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

Over the past month, I’ve been fortunate enough to catch a new bug and/or fish each time I’ve played. And that trend has continued, as I caught my first tarantula tonight!

Catching my first tarantula in Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS.I caught a tarantula! Don't try this at home!Crazy Redd was in town today, and I bought this common painting from him for 3,920 bells.

Redd: You like it? You like that common painting? Hee hee hee!A new message of the week was posted on the bulletin board. Apparently, genius smells terrible. 😛

*Message of the Week* Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Genius smells terrible.There was also a new “Talking to Myself” post. It looks like somebody is using the bulletin board to try to get a date. 😛

-Talking to Myself- I work very hard, but I also enjoy my free time! I'm young, cute, and single! Hint, hint!Static was still sick, so I took him some medicine yet again. But he needs to get himself together. I’m not going to take care of him forever. 😛

At the museum, I donated my tarantula…and also my common painting. That’s right, it was the real deal! 🙂

Once I was done making my rounds, I started catching more bugs and fish. I was able to catch a scorpion. It’s pretty rare for me to catch a tarantula and scorpion in an Animal Crossing game on the same night! I already had a scorpion in my museum though, so I was able to sell this one for 8,000 bells.

But other than that, I wasn’t having as much luck with rare catches as I did last time. But I was able to make a 50,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall before wrapping up my game for the night.

I’ll be back with another entry on Saturday night, with my first Wild World fireworks festival. See you then!

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