Salmon Run

It was storming in Forest tonight, and I spotted something I don’t recall seeing in an Animal Crossing game. Lightning. Not just the flash of light, but actual bolts of lightning up in the sky!

Rain falls as a bolt of lightning strikes in Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS.September is here now, and that means the salmon are making their run. I caught both the regular salmon and the king salmon in town.

Woo hoo! I caught a king salmon!You may notice a note in a bottle next to me in that picture. I opened it up and it contained a letter from a pen pal.

Dear Pen Pal, Hello! If we ever get a chance to meet up, let's take it. Until then, I'm going fishing! -Your palA new “Talking to Myself” message was posted on the bulletin board outside of town hall. It mentioned a song that’s supposedly popular in other towns.

-Talking to Myself- Hip hop hippity hop... Hip hop hippity hop... That song is popular in every town but mine! Boo!
It must be a hip-hop song.

Today was flea market day, and many of the outdoor villagers were telling me to go home so they could shop. I wasn’t interested, so I carried on. The indoor villagers, of course, offered to sell some of their belongings. But there was one indoor villager who didn’t participate. That was Rhonda, who was still sick. I gave her some medicine once again.

Rhonda: Thank you! It's nice to have a friend who doesn't run screaming when I get sick.
Now that you mention it, I wouldn’t want to be in front of you during a rhino sneeze.

I went to the museum to donate my new fish, and Blathers told me an interesting fact about the king salmon. He said that as it swims upstream to spawn, it doesn’t eat anything along the way.

Blathers: What many DON'T know, however, is that it eats nothing while en route!So when they first start our their journey, they’re all fatties. 😛 (His words.)

Blathers: They're all fatties!I then went downstairs to get a new song for my stereo at home. K.K. Slider performed Señor K.K. for me.

Afterwards, I checked my map and verified that Static’s replacement has not moved in yet. I went over to town hall and made a 30,000 bell mortgage payment before wrapping up my night.

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