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I received an unexpected letter from Lyle in the mail today. He mentioned that I recently got stung by a bee, and he sent me 100 bells (for my pain and suffering, I suppose). I guess that’s nice, but 100 bells is virtually nothing. It would take a lot of bee stings to get my money back from Lyle.

Hey. You. Yeah, Jeff. Stung? By a bee? Lyle can tell! Your face? Gross. Here. The money? Yours. Benefits. Take 'em. BANG! -LyleI visited Joey, and he was clearly still sick…in the head.

Joey: I CAN TASTE THE CLOUDS! DELICIOUS, FLUFFY CLOUDS!I gave him some medicine once again.

Crazy Redd was in town, and he had this perfect painting for sale. He also had a Triforce, but I only bought the painting this time.

Redd: A perfect painting! Cousin, you've got incredible taste! Ol' Redd is in awe!

It cost 3,920 bells, but it was worth it. That’s because it turned out to be a real painting, and I donated it to the museum.

The perfect painting on display at the museum art gallery in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Out in the rain (yes, it was storming again), Baabara pinged me. She surprised me by giving me her picture!

Baabara: It's a picture of me! Do I look good or do I look good, your mom?I didn’t necessarily want her picture, but I’ll take it. It is the fifth villager picture I’ve received so far.

Villager pictures of Chevre, Static, Puddles, Rod, and Baabara.The quote on her picture is “I’m so soft that I don’t even need a pillow!”

"I'm so soft that I don't even need a pillow!"I didn’t make it to the store before it closed tonight, so I was unable to sell my belongings. So I didn’t earn any money other than the money rock and the 100 bells from Lyle.

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