Big Top’s Birthday

Today is Big Top’s birthday, so I headed over to his house (after a quick stop at Nookington’s). He asked if I got a present for him, and indeed, I had. So I handed it over.

Big TopL Wowee! Hey, lemme guess! A toilet!
Don’t worry. It’s new, not used.

In return, he gave me a stately wall. Rhonda also attended his party, although she was wishing we had some birthday hats to wear.

Rhonda: I love a good party. I just wish we had some hats, bigfoot.Crazy Redd was in town, and I used the password “top dog” to get inside his tent. He had a worthy painting for sale, so I bought it for 3,920 bells.

Redd: Now, you see? That there worthy painting is a very rare piece!I quickly took it over to the museum, but Blathers gave me some bad news. The painting was a counterfeit. 🙁 I guess I’m not worthy.

Blathers: Hoo now? This painting... Upon closer inspection, it is a COUNTERFEIT!
You don’t have to yell.

Puddles was still ill, so I gave her some medicine once again. She quickly gulped it down…or is that up?

Puddles flips upside-down as she drinks her medicine.After selling some fossils and fish at the store, I went over to town hall. There, I made a 30,000 bell mortgage payment.

See you next time!

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