Rhonda’s Misplaced Anger

Big Top was still sick tonight, so I gave him some medicine once again. Get well soon, big guy.

Big Top: Ah-ah-ah... KERSCHNOFF-a-blatts!

A new “Talking to Myself” message on the bulletin board was rather interesting. The author said her sister has been going to hotels lately, so she followed her. Apparently the sister was going for the free buffet!

-Talking to Myself- My sister's been going to hotels lately, so one day I followed her. She was eating the free buffet!Baabara and Rhonda had a big argument nearby, and the conversation left Rhonda steaming mad. Baabara tends to have that effect on people. But when I spoke to Rhonda, she said she was mad at me! I didn’t even do anything this time!

Rhonda: Grrrrrr! Man! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Oh, I'm just so mad at you!But she then admitted it wasn’t about me. As if I didn’t know already.

Rhonda: ...Oh, sorry. No, this isn't about you. Don't let it bug you, all right?
You’re not forgiven.

It’s Saturday night, so I headed down to The Roost to get a new song from K.K. Slider. I let the singing dog pick the song, and he performed Only Me for…only me. Brewster doesn’t count. 😛

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Only Me!After selling a couple of fossils I dug up, I went over to town hall. I made a 20,000 mortgage payment. I then returned home, put my new song in my stereo, and ended my game for the night. See you next time!

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