November La-Di-Day

Today was La-Di-Day, the day that animals will sing to suggest a new town tune. Rhonda was the first animal of the night to sing for me.

Rhonda: Would you care for a little live concert, on my horn?I actually enjoyed her song, so I hired her. That was the first time I’ve hired sing, at least.

Joey was in a good mood, so he gave me a gift. It was a cabin rug, and he said he trusted me to treat it the way I’d treat him.

Joey: I trust you'll treat my cabin rug the way you would me.
Sure, I’ll walk all over it.

There was a new “Talking to Myself” post on the bulletin board, and it was about wriggling worms. Actually, it was mostly about the word “wriggle.”

-Talking to Myself- They say worms wriggle, but what does that really mean? Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle! Tee hee hee!Since it’s Saturday night, I went down to the Roost to check out some live music. K.K. Slider played Agent K.K. for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Agent K.K.!After the show, I visited Puddles. She said that singing makes her really happy, but it also makes her crave milk shakes. Now she’s making me want one too!

Puddles: Singing makes me really happy! And crave milk shakes!I didn’t bother making a mortgage payment tonight, because I didn’t have much money on me. Nook’s was closed already, so I couldn’t sell the fossils and other stuff I had in my pockets. So I returned home and put my new song in my stereo.

But before I ended my night, I spoke with Kiki again. She was the second animal to sing me a potential town tune. Even though her song wasn’t bad, I really wanted to stick with Rhonda’s song for a while. So as much as I hated to do it, I told Kiki no. She got sad, and wondered if the judges were going to vote her out of the village.

Kiki: Oh, no! Does this mean the judges are going to vote me out of the village?
Sounds like she’s been watching too much Survivor.