Rhonda’s Indecision

Crazy Redd was in town today, he was selling this awesome painting for 3,920 bells.

Redd: You like it? You like that awesome painting? Hee hee hee!I bought it, but Blathers informed me that it was a counterfeit. That’s not very awesome.

Kiki was still sick with a cold, so I gave her some medicine once again.

Kiki: I can't believe how much better I feel already! Thanks, captain!There was a new Message of the Week posted on the bulletin board, and it was apparently written for people who confuse the words stamp and stomp.

*Message of the Week* Stamp your mail! Stomp your feet!

I visited Puddles, and she was freaking out because she just saw a cockroach. She’s a frog though, she should love insects! Just gulp it down next time, Puddles!

Puddles: GREAT GALLOPING PEANUTS! J-rock, I just saw a... COCKROACH!!!When I went into Rhonda’s house, I saw that she had her belongings all packed up in boxes. I asked her to stay, but she told me she wasn’t going to change her mind.

Rhonda: I'm leaving, and there's no changing my mind.But the next time I talked to her, she did indeed change her mind. 😛

Rhonda: Maybe I should stay after all...on my horn.After making a 15,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall, I went around shaking trees. Many trees just had money bags (100 bells), but I found one piece of furniture–a pineapple bed.

A pineapple bed that fell out of a tree.
Who lives in a pineapple under the tree?
SpruceBob PinePants!