First Foreign Fruit

I got a seasonally appropriate letter from Mom in the mail tonight, reminiscing about the holidays, the fireplace, and hot cocoa.

Dear Jeff, I remember drinking hot cocoa with you and your dad by the fireplace around the holidays. Mmm...marshmallows. -MomThat’s a nice letter, but the most interesting part was the gift that was included…an apple! Forest is an orange town, so that means that this is my first foreign fruit! If you’ve only played New Leaf, you probably don’t understand how this is a big deal.

For a game that doesn’t have online trading, getting a foreign fruit and turning it into a bunch of foreign fruit trees may be the best way to earn money (especially over the winter, when there aren’t valuable bugs to catch). Foreign fruit sells for 500 bells apiece, while native fruit sells for just 100 bells.

An apple in my inventory.I cut down an orange tree near town hall and buried the apple in that spot. I should have an apple tree by next week.

In other news, Kiki was finally over her cold. She thanked me for all the medicine by giving me an exotic wardrobe.

When I spoke to Joey, he told me he had a dream about a pie fairy. The pie fairy told Joey to give a gift to someone who is nice to him, so he gave me an ornate wall.

Joey: Actually, I had a dream about the pie fairy yesterday.
And I thought *my* dreams were weird.

Speaking of weirdness, Curly showed me this bizarre letter he got from a secret admirer. Sounds like his “admirer” wants to eat him, not date him.

Dearest Curly, Your earlobes are like fresh, plump grapes in a royal fruit salad. Seedless, of course. -Your Secret AdmirerBut clueless Curly said it was a heart-warming letter! If you say so, bacon brains.

Curly: I'm not sure what it says, but it's kinda heart-warming, huh, nyoink?At the Roost, K.K. Slider performed Café K.K. for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Cafe K.K.!After shaking a few trees for money bags (and a picnic table), I went to town hall and made a 10,000 bell mortgage payment. Hopefully this will be the last time I only have 10,000 bells to pay.

I then returned home, put my new song in my stereo, and ended my game for the night. See you next week…when snow will be covering the ground!

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