Winter Arrives

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s Crazy Redd’s day to visit in Forest. He had a moving painting for sale, and I took a chance and bought it. The gamble paid off, because it was the real deal! I immediately donated it to the museum.

Moving painting. Donor: Jeff.Nookington’s had a big festive tree for sale, so I also bought it.

When I visited Kiki, she offered me a free space station. She said she already had another one, so I guess she didn’t have the space for it.

Kiki: Hey, captain, you want a space station? 'Cuz I've got a spare.I then returned home to put my two new items in my house.

My big festive tree and space station in my Animal Crossing: Wild World house.Winter has arrived, so snow now covers the ground and trees. This makes it easier to find fossils and other buried items. The dark star-shaped dig marks stand out against the white snow, so I had no problem finding all three fossils today.

Digging up a fossil in the snow of Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW).When I ran into Big Top, he asked me what was up with Hopper and Rhonda. The two options were “they’re friends” and “lotsa smooching.” I jokingly picked the latter option, and Big Top was grossed out by the thought. He even said it makes him want to barf. Strong words!

Big Top: The only thing I let touch my lips is my cup of black tea!In Joey’s house, I found that the orange duck is moving out of town. I tried just once to get him to change his mind, but that wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to keep trying, so I just let him go.

Joey: I need you to laugh and smile as you see me off, bleeeeeck.The apple tree I planted last time is alive and growing, but it hasn’t yielded any apples yet. That should change by next time.

On the bulletin board, this week’s Message of the Week says that it takes strength to fail.

*Message of the Week* It takes strength to fail. I'm the strongest ever!Baabara was out and about, and being as weird as ever. She told me today was her anniversary with fried catfish.

Baabara: Hey, darling, today is my anniversary with fried catfish!
You should go out for a nice seafood dinner.

After making a 25,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall, I wrapped up my game for the night. See you next time!

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