Roach Brooch

I met up with Baabara out in the snow tonight, and she told me she was looking for a cockroach! But the weirdest part was that she wanted to make a brooch out of it! Gross!

Baabara: I'm looking for a bug called a cockroach, shear me.

Baabara: It has the most amazing shape, shear me. It would make a lovely brooch!
You want a roach brooch?!

Kiki was in her house, with her belongings all packed up! She was about to move out of town! But I made her reconsider.

Kiki: Maybe I should stay after all... le meow.After giving Big Top another dose of medicine, I visited Hopper. He gave me a cityscape wall for free…nice!

Down in the Roost, K.K. Slider performed K.K. Rally for me. I wonder if I’m getting close to collecting all of the K.K. songs in the game.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Rally!After selling apples, fossils, and a few other things, I headed up to town hall. I paid off the remaining 35,000 bells on my mortgage. Yes! I’m debt-free! At least until the next time I play. 😛

Pelly: Oh my goodness! You've paid off your entire loan!I went back to Tom Nook, and he confirmed that he’ll be adding another room to my house by tomorrow. He warned me that it’s going to expensive, though.

Tom Nook: And it's so expensive, your heart may stop when you see the price. Ho ho!
You seem a bit too jolly as you’re telling me I may die.

I got to pick a roof color, and I went with navy this time. I was going to pick black, but it wasn’t one of the options.

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