Fully Expanded House

Tom Nook has completed the work on my house, adding a back room. The exterior of the house also has a new, larger look.

My newly expanded house.

In the new room, I put up the cityscape wall that Hopper gave me last time. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this room, though.

My back room, with a cityscape wall but nothing else.

After giving Big Top some more medicine, I went to Nookington’s to speak with Tom Nook. Before he told me how much I owe him for the expansion, he tried to tell me that he’s taking a big loss on this project. Oh, please.

Tom Nook: So, on to the price... Now, I want you to know I'm taking a huge loss on this.He even said he was bleeding money! He then said I owe him 9,480 bells? However, he quickly corrected himself, saying I could afford to pay 948,000 bells. Wow, what a jerk.

Tom Nook: You can afford... 948,000 bells!I wasn’t happy about the price, but at least this will be the last loan I have to pay off. That’s because my house can not be expanded any more.

Tom Nook: And just so we're clear on this, I cannot expand your house any more. Not at all.Crazy Redd was in town, but his lone piece of art this week was a scary painting. I already have that one in the museum, so I held on to my money.

When I ran into Kiki, she told me that she saw Puddles furiously stomping on the beach one day. She said she had never seen anyone do that before…but actually, she witnessed the exact same thing just over a year ago too! So she has seen it before. And maybe Puddles has an annual winter meltdown.

Kiki: I've never seen anyone stomp around a beach so furiously, le meow!

After speaking with everyone in town, I did a little fishing…but I didn’t catch anything good. After selling all my fish, fossils, and fruit, I went up to town hall. I paid 45,000 bells towards my final mortgage.

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