Big Top’s Empty House

Curly was over his cold, and feeling better now. He thanked me…for saving his bacon!

Curly: Yo yo, captain! Thanks for saving my bacon back there!He gave me a round carpet for the trouble.

The Bright Nights festival was still underway, and I noticed that Kiki’s house had a decorated tree behind it. I liked how it looked, so I told Tortimer that Kiki got my vote this time.

Kiki's house decorated for Bright Nights in ACWW.I visited Big Top, and I was surprised to find his house empty. Completely empty!

Big Top's house, completely devoid of furniture.That was very unusual, so I spoke to Big Top to see what was up. It turns out, he was planning on moving out of town. But if you remember from last week, he had nothing but fish in his house. So apparently, animals don’t pack up fish, only the actual furniture that they own. Very interesting. I had always assumed the number of boxes was just random, but maybe it’s based on what they really own.

Anyway, I kept asking Big Top not to move until he agreed to stick around.

When I ran into Kiki, she said she was glad that I liked her lights so much. She said even though the lights will come down soon, she’ll always have the memory of how special this year was.

Kiki: But I'll always have the memory of how special this year was!Baabara told me today was her anniversary with shark fin soup. This is the same dialogue she told me about before, but that time, it was with fried catfish. She has too many fish stories to tell.

Baabara: Hey, gorgeous, today is my anniversary with shark fin soup!At the Roost, I asked K.K. Slider for a random song. He performed K.K. Bossa for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Bossa!Over at town hall, I made a 30,000 bell mortgage payment before wrapping up my night in Forest. See you next time!

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