Animal Crossing Plaza – Wii U

In today’s Nintendo Direct video, Nintendo announced Animal Crossing Plaza. It’s a free eShop download for Wii U that is much like the WaraWara plaza, but instead of Miis, the plaza is populated with Animal Crossing characters.

Download Animal Crossing PlazaFrom here, you can access a new Animal Crossing news community on Miiverse, where you can post about the Animal Crossing games and view others’ comments as well. For unknown reasons, the Animal Crossing Plaza will only be available through the end of 2014. Here is a video showing what it’s like. At the end of the video, I take a look at the new Animal Crossing message boards on Miiverse as well.

You can set up your profile to display your Animal Crossing New Leaf name, town, and dream address. You can also choose your favorite character to represent yourself. Unfortunately, not all of the characters will be in the plaza every time, so you may need to load up the plaza several times before you’re able to find your favorite. You can also upload your pictures taken in ACNL by putting your 3DS SD card into your Wii U, and attach those pictures to messages you post. Here, I posted about how I was happy when the character Katt moved out of my town, and I attached a picture I took of me dancing in her house.

acplaza-kattWhile the plaza is essentially just a glorified message board, it’s definitely something Animal Crossing fans will want to check out and enjoy. And it’s a free download, so why not?

Animal Crossing Plaza screenshotAnimal Crossing fans, also remember to check out Jeff’s New Leaf Blog, which I update regularly. And if you’d like to follow me on Miiverse, my Nintendo Network ID is jvgsjeff.

UPDATE: I just wanted to mention that since this blog entry was written, Nintendo has added the ability to register your town residents. This way, they will appear every time you load up the plaza. Pretty cool.

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