7 Things I’d Like to See in Splatoon 2

7 Things I'd Like to See in Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, with a “global testfire” demo coming next month (March 24-26). Splatoon is my most-played Wii U game (by far), and the sequel is one of my most-anticipated Switch games in the works.

But as great as Splatoon is, it could be improved further. Here are some things I’d like to see in Splatoon 2 (in no particular order).

1. Offline Turf War

There are times when we’re somewhere that doesn’t have a reliable internet connection, particularly if we’re using the Switch in its portable form. I’d like to see an offline turf war mode against computer-controlled players (bots) so we can practice or just play for fun (and without worrying about disconnections, etc.).

A two-player option would make it that much better, even if it had to be split-screen (or would that be splat-screen?). I’m aware that Splatoon 2 has LAN play if you have multiple Switch systems, but I’m referring to playing on a single system. Sometimes friends and family members want to play, too.

2. Unranked Versions of Ranked Modes

While Spat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker added some variety to online play, they were only playable in ranked mode. Ranked modes can be intense and frustrating, especially if you get bad teammates or (heaven forbid) get disconnected and lose rank points through no fault of your own. Unranked versions of those games would give us a way to practice and learn techniques of the game without losing rank points.

3. Ability to Change Weapons Between Matches

Normally, if you want to change your weapons or equipment, you have to leave your existing group of players as you go to the equip screen. Then, you return to the lobby and wait to join a new group. What if you could change your equipment as the lobby fills, without leaving your current group of players?

While you might say that would slow the process down, it doesn’t have to. If you could pre-select certain outfit/weapon combinations (your favorites), you could theoretically swap between them with just a button press or two, as you wait for the lobby to fill.

4. More New Maps Than Old Maps

We don’t know how many multiplayer stages Splatoon 2 will have. But I’d like to see the vast majority of maps in the game be completely new levels. One of the trailers showed Moray Towers returning, and that’s okay, but the game isn’t going to feel like a new game if most (or even half) of the levels are returning from the first Splatoon.

If the old levels *must* return, let them come back later on, as DLC, once we start to tire of the default levels. Splatoon 2 is supposed to be a full sequel (as opposed to the “deluxe” port of Mario Kart 8), so let it feel like a new game. Give us a break from the same stages we’ve been playing for two years.

5. A Kraken Replacement

Nintendo has said none of the special weapons from the first game are returning, but many of the new ones are similar to some old ones. To my knowledge, nothing similar to the Kraken has been revealed so far. Here’s hoping one arrives. I love using the Kraken to charge into enemy territory or sneak up on a sniper that’s otherwise hard to reach.

6. New Modes

This one is obvious, and I’m sure they have something in the works already. But here’s hoping for a fun, new unranked game mode (or two) in addition to turf war. Here are a few examples of new modes I came up with. But I’m sure the pros at Nintendo could do better than this if they tried.

By the Walls

How about a mode where you get credit for inking walls and other vertical surfaces in addition to (or instead of) just the ground? Even a simple change like that would dramatically change strategies.

There could be tall, truly vertical levels, perhaps with elevators, or even parachutes you could grab at the top of the tower. Then sail back down, inking as much wall space as you can. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Until someone shoots down your parachute, of course.

Seaward Squid

Maybe there could be some levels at sea, where you compete on a ship. Waves will sometimes crash over the ship, washing away any ink in those areas. Perhaps the map could show the wind/wave patterns so you can strategically plan where you need to be. But be careful, because those waves can wash you away too.

Obstacle Course

How about a randomly-generated obstacle course? Rather than being team-based, you compete individually to see who can get to the exit in the fastest time. This could include elements of the story mode from the first game, including platforms, inkrails, and gushers.

Perhaps the other players could appear as ghosts on your screen, so you can see what they’re doing, but they can’t directly hinder you. The randomness of the level design means you’ll get something different each time, preventing players from just memorizing stages. You’ll have to think on the run.

7. More Maps in the Rotation

Outside of Splatfests, Splatoon only had two maps in the rotation at a time. And those maps only change every four hours. So there are times when you may play on the same map four, five, or even six times in a row.

I’d like to see more variety in Splatoon 2. Maybe they’re not going to go the Mario Kart route, where any stage is available, but they should at least add more selections to the rotation. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same stage all the time, while there are others that I don’t see for possibly weeks at a time.

What do you think? What features or modes would you like to see? Leave a comment below!

For those who may be wondering, I will indeed be making videos of Splatoon 2–including the global testfire next month. In the meantime, feel free to check out my Splatoon videos to see my compilations of surprise attacks, funny moments, kill combos, laggy moments, and more.

Here’s my latest Splatoon video, showing a bunch of Kraken vs. Kraken battles and how they turned out.

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6 thoughts on “7 Things I’d Like to See in Splatoon 2”

  1. Very detailed list of what you want to see in Splatoon 2, Jeff.

    Although I have not played Splatoon myself, I definitely agree that there needs to be an offline turf war. My internet has been acting up recently and I would love to play offline to practice (if I get a NX that is).

  2. Such an interesting post! Your ‘By the Walls’ idea reminds me of de Blob 😛 Also, an obstacle course sounds awesome. In fact, I just want your version of this game now please, haha.

  3. Are you finally getting hyped for the switch? I am. Also I’m getting it at the midnight launch! I have to go get Zelda at GameStop and the console at Walmart because, when I went to preorder the Sunday after they announced the switch GameStop was already out of them so I had to run to Walmart for a preorder,

  4. I hope your not getting 1-2 Switch… it’s a terrible game. For the boxing game all you do is look at your opponent in the eye and that’s the whole game. You don’t even see a boxing match on the screen. I played about half of the games and all the screen says is “Look your opponent in the eye”. A big waste of $50. I could of gotten a controller instead of this game. I give it 1/10.

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