Fairy Cotera & A New Camera

As I resumed my game in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I left Zora’s Domain to do some other things. I returned to complete a couple of previous shrines that I encountered earlier, and then I ran into this traveler, who was not very friendly.

Traveler: I will take your life!He was an enemy in disguise! I was not expecting that. But I soon encountered something else just as creepy: A giant woman popping out of a giant flower bud for 100 rupees.

The Great Fairy Cotera pops out of a plant.
“Plant a kiss on me, baby!”

She is the Great Fairy Cotera, and she was able to help me out by enhancing my clothing with stronger defensive ratings. Now they should protect me a bit better.

The Great Fairy Cotera blows Link a kiss in Zelda: BOTW.
Incoming message from the big giant head.

I then went into Kakariko Village and prayed to a statue to exchange four spirit orbs for another heart container. I should have done all this stuff before tackling that trail to Zora’s Domain last time. Well, at least I don’t feel quite as vulnerable now, after these upgrades.

I reunited with my horse, Amazing, and headed into Fort Hateno and looked around a bit. I saw Hateno Tower was nearby, so I made sure to activate it. From there, I then paraglided down into Hateno Village, where I spotted the Myahm Agana Shrine.

It consisted of a motion-controlled puzzle, where you have to tilt the controller to roll a ball out of a maze. The last part was a bit tricky, so it took me a couple of attempts, but I got through it.

A motion-controlled maze in a shrine.
If you’re not good with motion controls, this shrine may make you lose your marbles.

Right next to the shrine, there were some model homes available. Did the Bluth Company build these?

Sign: Explore our model homes today!I then explored the village, talking to people and visiting shops. The clothing shop was a bit odd, because it seemed that no one was running the store. But as I was about to leave, I saw the shopkeeper Sophie standing in the corner, out of sight. Did she attend the Milford Academy?

I don’t know if she was playing a joke on me or if she’s just really weird, but I decided to return the favor. I whipped out a bomb to give her a scare. 😛

Holding up a bomb in the clothing shop, scaring the shopkeeper Sophie.Then I started acting really crazy. I took my clothes off and started jumping around the store. When I returned to her, she clearly noticed that I wasn’t wearing much. And she took a nice, long look.

Sophie: People who lack clothes just love it here at Ventest Clothing.
Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Back outside, a kid in town told me to follow him. He led me to an evil statue. When I prayed to it, it stole one of my heart containers!

My heart is stolen from my body.
Oh evil statue, you take my breath away.

Fortunately, it gave it back when I spoke to it again. It was basically letting me know that I can speak to it if I want to exchange heart containers for stamina vessels, or vice versa. For a fee, of course. But I was not interested in dealing with this thing any more.

I soon made my way up the hill to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. The director asked me to run an errand: I had to carry the Olympic flame across Hyrule.

Link carries a blue flame on a torch as he runs through town.
My arm is getting Rio tired.

Okay, so that’s not exactly what happened. But completing the task gained me a new ability for my Sheikah Slate: I got a camera! Now I can take Hy-rulesolution photos! It connects to something called the Hyrule Compendium, which registers pictures of monsters, bugs, materials, and more.

I can also upgrade some of my runes here. One of the upgrades allows me to use my sensor to track specific items I’ve taken pictures of, instead of just shrines. This could be very useful. I went back outside and began using my camera, just for the shear fun of it.

Taking a picture of a highland sheep in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.But not everyone was eager to see an elf snapping photos at night. I think I gave this farmer such a scare that he nearly soiled himself. He threatened me with his pitchfork!

A farmer threateningly points his pitchfork at me.
Calm down, man. I said I’m going to crop my pic, not pick your crops.

I seem to be enjoying this game more and more. Once I start playing, it’s hard to stop. That is the sign of a great game. I’ll see you all next time!

2 thoughts on “Fairy Cotera & A New Camera”

  1. You can buy one of the houses in Hatena, behind the model homes. It makes for a series of great quest lines so its worth it.

  2. I battled with that surprise enemy yesterday! Isn’t it so weird and random?

    Haha, I find it hard to stop playing too 😛 Also, I love the AD references, they made me laugh 🙂

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