Joining the Hunt

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lately, I’ve been doing more exploring and less advancing the story. I returned to the Great Plateau, beat my first Stone Talus, and then jumped off the plateau to paraglide into a new region of the map. As I was climbing a lookout tower, I saw a shooting star crash into the mountain in the distance.

A shooting star in the sky as I climb a lookout tower.I completed a shrine and then headed to the Central Tower. I started climbing up, and guardians were targeting me and shooting at me the whole time! They have an extremely long range on their lasers! But I made my way to the top and activated the tower.

I soon snagged myself a wild horse and continued exploring. I found a sleeping giant, and I hoped I could talk to him. But when I got close, he woke up, and he wasn’t in a talking mood. He wanted to fight me!

Hinox the giant wanted to fight me.
He’s grumpy when he first wakes up.

I got back on my new horse and flew out of there as fast as I could. Eventually I ended up at Outskirt Stable. I used the opportunity to register my new horse and give him a name: Brown Fox. I know he’s not a fox, but he is brown. And I was up way too late playing Zelda that night and that’s all that came to mind. 😛

Embry: Are you sure you want to name this horse Brown Fox?The Rota Ooh Shine was nearby, so I stopped to complete it. After that, I returned to Impa in Kakariko Village. I showed her my camera, and she said this is the same camera Zelda used 100 years ago. Wow, and the battery still works?!

There are some pictures already stored on the camera, and she told me I should visit the locations in those pictures. I’m also supposed to return to her once I’ve visited at least one of them.

But for now, I decided to teleport back to Zora’s Domain and start my trek up to Ploymus Mountain. The ability to swim up waterfalls helps a lot here. But when I made my way up, this boss enemy was kicking my butt.

A large boss on Ploymus Mountain kicks my butt.
This dude has some anger issues.

After a couple “game over” screens, I decided to paraglide out of there for the time being. And as I sailed away, I witnessed some hunting going on beneath me!

Monsters hunt a bull beneath me as I paraglide through the air.Some Bokoblins were on horseback, hunting a bull with fire arrows. I guess they’re trying save time by cooking the meat as they hunt it. 😛

So I dropped in, shot the bull with an arrow to finish him off, and took the meat for myself. Of course, the Bokoblins were shooting at me by now, and they were hot on my trail.

A fire arrow appears to hit me as I pick up the raw prime meat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.I shot back at the Bokoblin, knocking him off his horse. I then ran over and finished him off…and then stole his horse. 😛

But it wasn’t long until I ran into his buddies. They shot at me with fire arrows, killing the stolen horse! I then tracked them down and killed them, but that was quite an entertaining series of events.

After clearing a couple of shrines and exploring in other parts of the world, I paraglided down into South Akkala Stable. As I approached, a bolt of lightning nearly hit a girl named Jana who was standing by a large tree.

Lightning strikes near a tree in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW).

Inside the stable, I found the unstable Beedle once again. He said that since we keep running into each other, that must be a sign that we were once married in a previous life. o.O

Beedle: We must have been married in our past lives.
Uh, no.

I tried ascending the Akkala Citadel Ruins for a bit. There were some tough drone guardians flying around that made things tricky. But when a blood moon occurred to bring monsters back to life, I decided to get my akkala outta there. I redeemed some spirit orbs for another heart container, and then I teleported up to the plateau and paraglided off to another new area.

There, I activated Lake Tower before clearing two more shrines in the area–including one on Hylia Island. I saw a Zora fishing on a small island nearby, and that’s where I ended my game the other night. I don’t even know where I’ll go next time, but that’s what’s so fun about this game. The possibilities seem endless.

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  1. I love the way you’re playing – I’m kind of half following the story and half exploring – but you’re making me want to do all exploring haha.

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