Rito Village

I did some more exploring in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, finding and activating Faron Tower and Hebra Tower. I also completed a shrine near each one.

Back at Kakariko Village, I redeemed my spirit orbs for a stamina vessel, for just the second time. That added another one-fifth or so to my stamina wheel, which hardly seems worth it. I may not get any more until I have plenty of heart containers.

I then decided to pay Robbie a visit, for a side quest. He works at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, so I headed in that direction. But on the way there, I spotted a new fairy fountain. It belonged to the Great Fairy Mija, and she charged me a whopping 1,000 rupees for her services.

Great Fairy Mija: I was expecting someone...bigger, I guess...She was able to upgrade some of my clothes further. Next, I stopped at the Katosa Aug Shrine, where I basically played some motion-controlled mini-golf. 😛

Playing some mini-golf in the Katosa Aug shrine of Zelda BOTW.
You must use motion controls, but that’s par for the course these days.

The first hole (shown above) was pretty easy, but the second hole was a bit trickier. Once I finished, I continued on and reached the research lab. You know how most characters will see the Sheikah Slate and realize that Link is Link? That wasn’t enough for Robbie. He wanted to see the scars on my body to prove that I’m me. That’s right, this creep made me undress for him!

Robbie: Hm, hm, yes. If you can show me the wounds your body suffered 100 years ago, that should prove you are truly Link.Once I did, he examined my body.

Robbie: Hm? Hm! Hmm...

Once he was convinced, he needed me to ignite his flame. I had to bring the blue flame back to the lab to activate Cherry. Cherry is his oven that he named after an old girlfriend of his. Yeah, Robbie is a strange guy.

After activating Cherry, I was then able to buy ancient gear, including ancient arrows and ancient weapons. I was a bit short on money though, thanks to that last fairy.

I did some shrine hunting after that, and I eventually found myself in Rito Village. This is the land of the bird people. The village consists of boardwalks and stairs that circle around a stone pillar, basically.

Rito Village in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW).

Sign: -Swallow's Roost- Home of the world-famous Rito-down bed.
Do they sell coffee here?

My new fine-feathered friends told me about the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, up in the sky. I’ve been seeing it flying around for a while now, but it didn’t even occur to me that it was one of the divine beasts.

Mazli: Did you see the beast in the sky? That's Divine Beast Vah Medoh.I spoke with the villagers, did some shopping, and completed the shrine that’s here in town. Obtaining that spirit orb allowed me to trade in for another heart container.

The village elder, Kaneli, told me more about Divine Beast Vah Medoh. He let me know what I needed to do next in order to make my way to the divine beast.

Kaneli the elder: Oh, my! So it is true!
Shouldn’t you be working at the Swallow’s Roost? I still need some coffee.

I’ll be heading to Divine Beast Vah Medoh next time!

By the way, I’ve recently posted a video showing some of my fails in Breath of the Wild so far. It’s a compilation of falls, deaths, zaps, splashes, and other situations that did not end well for Link. You may get a laugh out of it. Hope you enjoy!

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