Stardew Valley – Guild Trip

Day 6

My parsnips were ready to harvest today, so I picked them up and put them in the shipping box. That completed the objective (or quest, as they’re apparently called) in my journal, and I got 100g (money) as a bonus. Also, I finally know how to use the ZL and ZR buttons to switch between items. Previously, I had been trying to use L and R, and those don’t work. 😛

Harvesting parsnips in Stardew Valley.Two new quests opened up: “Raising Animals,” which asks me to build a chicken coop, and “Advancement,” which requires that I craft a scarecrow.

I noticed I had two geodes in my pockets, so I headed over to the blacksmith’s shop. For 25g each, he’ll crack them open to reveal what’s inside. My two geodes contained a thunder egg and a mudstone.

The blacksmith smashes open a geode in Stardew Valley.Their description told me that Gunther could tell me more about them at the museum. So I headed there next, and donated both items to the museum. Now it’s not empty any more! I earned 250g for completing the Archaeology quest from my journal. Nice!

Back outside, I saw someone standing on the bridge. When I spoke to the person, I saw that it was Elliott.

Elliott: Ah, the new farmer we've all been expecting... and whose arrival has sparked many a conversation!He was that last person I needed to introduce myself to, so that completed the “Introductions” quest. In its place was a new one, “How to Win Friends.” I just had to give someone a gift. Easy enough. I didn’t have any Reese’s Pieces, so I gave Elliott a lump of coal from my pockets. He didn’t like it, but it completed the quest for me…earning me 100g in the process.

Day 7

Now that I had over 1,000g, I was thinking I had enough to buy the backpack upgrade. But once I got to Pierre’s, I saw that it actually costs 2,000g, not 1,000. Oops. While I was there, I bought a couple of potato seeds.

I went over to the mine, and I came across some enemies! I got my sword out and got my first taste of combat. It tasted like lime! Okay, not really, but these green slimes look like they could be made out of lime Jello.

Fighting green slimes in the mine of Stardew Valley.Once I got down to the 5th level down, I found an elevator. I can use it to quickly travel to any elevator door that I’ve discovered. A new quest appeared, telling me to reach level 40. But since it was getting late, and since I still can’t keep many of the things I encounter (due to lack of backpack space), I returned to the surface.

Day 8

I received two letters in the mail today. One was from Robin, telling me she can build me a well if I have 75 stones and 1000g. Well, I’m not interested in doing that anytime soon. The other letter was from Marlon, telling me that if I slay ten slimes, I’ll be able to enter his adventurer’s guild.

So I returned to the mine, and kept fighting until I defeated ten slimes. After that, I relaxed at the saloon and took the scenic route home. I worked on cleaning up my farm a bit, and then went to sleep.

Day 9

It was time for a guild trip. Surprisingly, the guild didn’t open until 2 p.m. though, so I killed some slime time in the mine. I then headed next door and entered the adventurer’s guild at last. I have to admit, I was a bit underwhelmed.

Inside the adventurer's guild in Stardew Valley.It’s basically just a shop. Marlon had four items for sale: A wooden blade (a better sword), sneakers (which improve my defense), and two rings that affect different combat attributes.

There was also a list of goals on the wall (showing I’ve killed 17/1000 slimes, for example). When I meet those goals, I’m supposed to talk to Gil (the sleeping man in the rocking chair) for rewards. Sounds guild. I mean, sounds good. It doesn’t help me much for right now though, but I’ll be back someday.

With nothing else going on, I just explored a bit. I ran into Pam on a bridge, and she angrily warned me not to snoop around the trailer. Wow, she seems like a nut.

Pam: Hey, you! Don't be snoopin' around the trailer when I'm out! Got it?
Psycho much?

I then headed to the blacksmith’s shop so he could crack open another geode I found, but I got there too late. The shop was already closed for the evening. So I went in the saloon for a bit, and had a chat with Abigail. She told me she wasn’t in a good mood, so I thought I’d try to cheer her up. I gave her the geode. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to care for it…or know what to do with it.

Abigail: What am I supposed to do with this?Oh well. I soon returned home for the night.

Here is a video showing highlights of days 6-9:

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