Stardew Valley – Junimos & Egg Festival

Day 10

As I came out of my house today, Clint was right outside my door. He said that he’s been noticing I’ve been breaking rocks open and finding ore. Wait, has he been following me into the mines? Anyway, he gave me the blueprints to a furnace. It would allow me to smelt metal bars, which I can then use for crafting, construction, and upgrading my tools.

After the screen faded to black, Clint turned into Marnie. Marnie came over to bring me…a dog! She said it was a stray that was sitting by the entrance to my farm. She asked if I wanted to adopt it. Well, duh! I had to name the dog, and the default name was Yogi. But it’s a dog, not a bear. I chose the name Rufus. And just like that, I have a dog!

Marnie: Well, Rufus... You be a good pooch now... okay?After that, I was walking towards town when I triggered yet another cut scene. Mayor Lewis showed me the Pelican Town community center. It’s all run down and in poor shape. He said Joja Corporation wants to buy the land and turn it into a warehouse, but he doesn’t have the heart to sell it. Although he said he may change his mind if anyone else buys a Joja Co. membership, that won’t be me. Down with Joja!

Lewis: This is the Pelican Town Community Center... or what's left of it, anyway.He unlocked the door and took me inside and murdered me. He was telling me about the place, and I kept seeing things when Lewis’ back was turned. It looked like a slime from the mine at first, but maybe it was just a ghostly green apple with arms and legs. At any rate, this place is haunted!

I see a ghost in the community center.Lewis was starting to think I was going crazy, although he tried to act like it was just a rat that I saw. He left, but he said he would leave the door unlocked from now on, so that maybe I can catch the “rat.”

I continued exploring the community center, and in one room, I found a strange scroll with some weird writing on it. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I continued on with my day. Next, I worked in the mine, and then went to the saloon to chat a bit.

On the way out, I saw Linus (the old guy who lives in a tent) going through George’s garbage can for food.

Linus digs through a garbage can for food in Stardew Valley.George heard the noise and came outside, thinking it was raccoons making the noise. He saw me and asked me to scare off the raccoons for him. I went over and had a chat with Linus. He asked if I thought anything was wrong with him taking the food scraps, and I said no. He then agreed to stop rummaging through George’s can.

But as he walked off, he then started going through the saloon’s garbage can! Gus came out, and told Linus that if he needed food, to just ask. He then gave Linus some zucchini fritters. Once the cutscene was over, I went home for the night.

Day 11

When I came out of my house, there were tons of things floating in the air. They looked like feathers, so I wondered if my new dog just killed a chicken or something! But then I realized they were probably supposed to be cherry blossom petals.

Cherry blossom petals fall from the sky in springtime in Stardew Valley.I had a letter in the mail, from a wizard! He said he may have some information about my “rat problem,” and he told me to visit him up in his tower. I also had a letter from Robin, offering a 250g reward if I find her missing axe.

But first, I headed over to the blacksmith. I gave him a geode I had in my pockets, and he cracked it open for me. There was a green “jamborite” inside. Is that a meteorite that came from Jambette? Anyway, I donated it to the museum next door.

As I headed toward the wizard’s tower, I found Jas and Vincent playing by the sewer. They wanted to explore inside there, but it was locked. The kids got spooked and ran away when they heard something squishing inside.

The kids (Jas and Vincent) get scared when they hearing something inside the sewer.
Maybe it’s just the Teenage Mutant Nin-Jas Turtles.

After that, I continued on to the tower, where I met the wizard. He had a surprise for me… he had one of those apple-ghosts!

The wizard and his junimo ghost in Stardew Valley.He said they call themselves the Junimos. They’re mysterious spirits that refuse to talk to him. Wait, then how did he know they call themselves Junimos? 😛

I apparently told him about the scroll I found in the community center. Odd that he knew about me snooping inside there, yet he didn’t know about the scroll. So he teleported to check out the scroll and then returned. Conveniently, he was able to translate the scroll. Apparently the Junimos are able to help us out, if we give them gifts of the valley. He then drugged me and I started hallucinating.

Seeing trees and leaves as I hallucinate in Stardew Valley.That forest juice he made me drink allowed me to now decipher the scrolls for myself. So I returned to the community center, and I could now see what I had to do. There are different “bundles” listed, and a reward.

Summer foraging bundle. Reward: Bridge repair.Apparently, if I donate all the required items, the little apple ghosts will repair a bridge. While I donated a few items, I have a long way to go before I can complete the bundles. Well, that’s something to work on for the future.

After unsuccessfully looking for Robin’s axe, I returned home for the night.

Day 12

It was raining today. I got a letter from Mayor Lewis, telling me that the egg festival would be held tomorrow. I worked on cleaning up my farm a bit, and I found an unusual shop. It was a carriage that was apparently pulled by a purple pig? They had some veggies and seeds for sale, as well as bug meat. Sounds delicious, but I passed this time. 😛

Unusual food truck?I really didn’t get much done today. I planted a few seeds and then went to bed.

Day 13

As the day began, I finally had the 2,000g I needed to expand my backpack! Unfortunately, because of the egg festival, shops weren’t open. But that’s okay, because I got to see what the egg festival was all about! I couldn’t go into town until 9 a.m. though, so I had to scramble to kill some time. But when the time came, I joined in the fun. It’s a shell of a party!

The egg festival in Stardew Valley.After I spoke with everyone, the egg hunt began. I had 52 seconds to find as many eggs as I could.

Lewis: Let the egg hunt begin!I only collected six eggs in that span, and it wasn’t enough. Abigail was the winner of the egg hunt. Lewis gave her the prize, but it wasn’t revealed what that prize was. I’ll have to try to win it next year. The festival then ended, and I went to sleep for the night. See you next time!

Here’s a video showing the highlights of days 10-13:

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