BOTW #18 – The Wedding

Over the past few days, I’ve picked up Breath of the Wild for the first time since beating Calamity Ganon in October. I started out by cutting down some trees, since I still needed more wood for Tarrey Town. When I had enough, I headed there and spoke to Hudson. He informed me that he got engaged…to Rhondson the Gerudo!

Before they could get married, he asked me to find someone priest-like to officiate the wedding. He suggested that maybe one of the Zoras would be willing to help.

After making a stop at the Great Fairy Fountain to upgrade some clothes, I made my way to Zora’s Domain. There, I found Kapson, who is a retired priest. He was actually looking to marry a couple before he dies, so he was clearly the right guy for the job.

Kapson: If during your travels you meet any engaged couples, I would like you to introduce them to me.
That’s an odd request. It sounds fishy.

He set off for Tarrey Town, while I went to go take a picture of a Lynel for a side quest. Once I finished, I returned to Tarrey Town. Hudson thanked me for finding Kapson, but now he needed me to invite Bolson and Karson to the wedding. So I went back to Hateno Village, and told them about the wedding in Tarrey Town.

Bolson: Karson, we're headed out!
They went straight there.

Before long, Kapson began the wedding. Congrats to the new couple! Although, Rhondson didn’t seem very happy about a part of the wedding vows that said they had to name their kids names that end in -son. 😛

Hudson and Rhondson get married in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I spoke with Hudson, and he gave me three diamonds that he found inside the boulders in town. This completed the side quest, and Tarrey Town is officially done.

Next, I headed for the desert, where I recovered one of Link’s memories and then defeated a Molduga in the Toruma Dunes for a side quest.

Fighting a Molduga in BOTW.
Why can’t I cut this guy up into, like, 1,000 steaks?

After the fight, I unlocked a shrine at the same location. I went off exploring after completing it, and I saw some statues of swordswomen pointing their swords. As I followed in the direction they were pointing, a sandstorm rendered my radar and map unusable.

Static on my map screen, making it unusable.
Recalculating… recalculating… recalculating…

But the pointing swords led me to a shrine; completing it restored my radar and map.

The next day, I teleported to the Tabantha area to recover another memory in the Ancient Columns area. I have now recovered six of the 12 photo memories.

After browsing through my list of open side quests, I returned to the desert to trade 55 rushrooms to Pirou, for a diamond. I explored further, and soon arrived in the East Gerudo Ruins, where seven huge statues stood in a circle. Solving a puzzle here opened up another shrine.

Huge statues in the East Gerudo Ruins.

I completed it, and then found another shrine nearby. But I couldn’t get into this one just yet. A sick Gerudo was collapsed on the activation portal. I’ll have to heal her before I can get inside. But at this point, I ended my game for now.

Just to provide an update on my status, I’ve completed 77 shrines and my overall game completion percentage now sits at 23.49%. If I counted right, my Hyrule Compendium completion is now 292/385. I still have much to do in Hyrule.

Here is my latest Breath of the Wild video, Messing Around #2. It shows me playing with fire, zapping some sleeping enemies, sneaking around in a barrel, and more. Hope you enjoy!

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