Stardew Valley #6 – Scarecrow & Furnace

I know I’ve been playing Stardew Valley at a snail’s pace, but at least I’m playing it occasionally. I’m trying not to put it on the back burner completely (like I’ve done with Xenoblade Chronicles X, Pikmin 3, and many others). 😛 So let’s get into it.

Day 18

After watering my crops, I finally crafted my first scarecrow. I earned 100g for completing the “Advancement” quest. I put the scarecrow out in my field, and you can actually talk to it! It said “I haven’t encountered any crows yet.” 😛 I just can’t decide if that’s really cool or very creepy.

Scarecrow in Stardew Valley: I haven't encountered any crows yet.
He doesn’t even have a brain yet!

I spent the rest of the day mining and then returned home about 9 p.m.

Day 19

I got a letter in the mail from Jodi today, asking for fresh cauliflower. Even though I accepted the quest, I didn’t have any to give her.

I tried to do a little fishing, but I didn’t actually catch any fish. I did catch a nice variety of trash, though. A broken CD, a Joja cola can, and some algae. Delicious! 😛 But as I explored, I found something else as well: Robin’s lost axe!

Finding Robin's lost axe in the woods (Stardew Valley).

I caught up with Robin at the saloon in the evening. Even though she was dancing with her husband, I was able to give her the axe back. (Shake that axe!) I earned 250g for completing the quest.

Day 20

I spent the day mining and didn’t get much of anything else done. But I did acquire enough copper ore to build something tomorrow…

Day 21

Using copper ore and stone, I crafted myself a furnace! I wasn’t sure where to put it, so I stuck it in my house next to my fireplace. I’m sure it’s completely safe to sleep in the same room where I smelt metals. I just might need to open a window or something. 😛

My new quest was to smelt some metal. Unfortunately, that meant I needed more copper ore again! Oops.

I stopped at the blacksmith’s shop to process two geodes, and one of them contained 3 copper ores! I also donated an Earth crystal to the museum before going into the mine. Once I got what I needed, I returned home and smelted my first copper bar! This completed another quest, although there was no reward for this one.

Day 22

I headed over to the adventurer’s guild and purchased a wooden blade (a level 2 sword) for 250g. This should make my slime-busting a bit easier.

Buying the wooden blade sword at the adventurer's guild in Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch.

I then went into the mine to test it out (and do some mining while I was there). When I was done, I headed back home for the night.

I’d like to upgrade my tools, buy a chicken coop, expand my backpack again, and do many other things. But everything seems to take so much money, and often, lots of ingredients. Stardew Valley is fun, but it’s a very slow grind to get anywhere.

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