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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which comes out on April 11th for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Please share this blog with other Disney fans or anyone else who may be interested.

Day 4: The Game Opens Up

I returned to Daisy's boutique and I made my new quest outfit. That earned me my 16th sticker, which unlocks even more clothing options. It also allows me to make furniture at the workshop, and two new areas of Castleton are also unlocked. So as I expected, the game is really starting to open up now. My full sticker album is now available, and it shows my progress in each category.

No scratch and sniff stickers?
Even though I'm now free to go after any stickers I choose, the game lets you see a list of recommended stickers. These are essentially the easiest stickers to obtain, or the ones you're most ready for. But I wanted to just explore and use some of my newfound freedom, so I went fishing. I caught a 54cm fish, which earned me a sticker for catching a big fish. I also made a Hawaiian chair at the workshop, and that earned me another sticker.

While exploring, I ran into Minnie. She had an unusual request for me: She wanted to see me in polka dots. So I changed into my work uniform, which has polka dots on it, and she loved it. She wanted to take a picture of us, and I reluctantly agreed. My only condition was that nobody ever sees me in this silly outfit. After the picture was taken, Pete appeared out of nowhere. He told me he likes music and that it makes him want to dance. Uh, okay...

Be careful not to step on any toes!
I'm not sure what he wants from me, or why he suddenly appeared once I put on some Minnie-style polka dots, but I quickly changed back into my quest clothes. I then found out that I'm now able to access Castleton Air Travel! This is where you will use online features, such as visiting a friend's cafe or checking for new downloadable content (DLC). You can also setup your StreetPass and SpotPass settings here, or use "Magical AR" to scan AR Cards. These cards, which can give you new clothes or furniture, will be available at special events at certain retailers after the game has been released.

But for now, I just uploaded my Roost cafe and looked for random cafes to visit. Of the six cafes listed, one of them sounded more appetizing than the rest. That's right, I couldn't resist checking out the E.Coli cafe, which belongs to Jenni. I was able to walk around the cafe, sit down, look at the menu, and talk to the character (which I assume was Jenni's avatar). However, it didn't seem to let me order any food! But I got a new set of clothes (European men's clothes) because the cafe owner saw I was wearing an ace ensemble (matching outfit).

Eat now?
When I had my fill of E.Coli, I returned home to Castleton. One of the new areas that opened up is a dock where I can sit and fish. Before, I could only fish in the one Mickey-shaped pond, so I'm glad more fishing options are becoming available.

Sittin' on the dock of the bay.
Here, I caught my first boxfish. I also returned to my cafe and installed the Hawaiian chairs. That made my owner level increase from level 2 to level 3. The manager told me I can now change the staff's uniforms. Good! I wasn't a fan of the polka dots. Even though I didn't change them yet, I did try on my own European men's clothes though, and that earned me my 19th sticker for wearing five "ace ensemble" full outfits. At this point, I ended my game for the night.

Now that the game has opened up, I'm really enjoying the freedom. There's so much to do, everywhere you look. I'm really starting to get into the game to the point that I want to keep playing and playing. That is the sign of a good game. I hope you'll return again, because I plan on doing some more quests (action stages) next time.

One other note I want to point out. Even though Disney Magical World will have paid downloadable content (DLC), there will also be free DLC: A new Disney themed T-shirt will be available each month, starting on April 11th.

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