100 Acre Wood

I was playing the game last night, working in my cafe…when the game froze and crashed. I didn’t lose much progress (only a few minutes worth), so it’s no big deal. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

I returned to Hawaii and started the third episode. It’s another action stage, but this one has some fishing spots in it. I soon earned the “Fishing Fun” sticker for catching five types of fish. After completing the episode, I met up with Lilo and Stitch, and we took a commemorative photo together.

A commemorative photo with Lilo and Stitch...and friends.

I also get a Lilo & Stitch puzzle frame, which earned me another sticker. But from now on, I’m probably not going to mention every sticker I earn. They seem to come in bunches early in the game like this, and I don’t want to bore you with the details of the less interesting ones.

When I returned to Castleton, there were three balloons in the plaza. I grabbed onto them, and they took me to Winnie the Pooh’s world of 100 Acre Wood!

Flying on balloons into Winnie the Pooh's world.

I floated over to Winnie himself, who was stuck dangling in a tree after his own balloon got stuck.

Pooh: I've been dangling here ever since.
Nobody enjoys a dangling Pooh.

After I helped him down, Pooh asked me to talk to all of his friends. So I met up with Eeyore, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, and Piglet. The episode board for this world was then unlocked, allowing me to begin gardening for vegetables. Here’s a look at my tiny starting gardening space.

My garden in Disney Magical World 2.
Should I crop this picture?

I completed two more episodes here, and just like in the first game, these episodes do not include action quests. They involve farming and fetch quests. They’re quite easy to complete, but they still seem tedious and time-consuming. Some of them have a lot of text to scroll through.

Tigger: We'll tie 'em all up with the ribbon!

One other note about 100 Acre Wood: A balloon allows you to quickly travel back and forth between your cafe and 100 Acre Wood. It’s very helpful for the times when you need to grow some crops for some dishes you’re trying to make.

Back in Castleton, I saw there was a new shop I could unlock. It turned out to be Minnie’s salon. She can change your hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and glasses. So if you’re tired of your character’s look, you can change it once you unlock Minnie’s salon.

Minnie Mouse: I can give you a new hairstyle, change your hair color...

You can also buy sparkles here: They make your character sparkle and shine, wherever you go. Different shapes of sparkles are available, and you’ll earn a new sticker for trying one on. I don’t really feel the need to sparkle, but here’s an example of what they look like (this one is called superstar sparkles).

The superstar sparkles I bought in Minnie's salon in Disney Magical World 2.

To fulfill a cafe request, a I threw a Tangled themed party (after building some furniture to fit the theme). Rapunzel and Flynn both showed up, and we all danced on stage. I forgot to change the staff outfits to match the theme, but oh well. Flynn is so tall that he towers over me.

Dancing with Rapunzel and Flynn in the cafe.
Come on, dance a little! Let your hair down.

I earned several miscellaneous stickers for working in the cafe, doing favors for residents, and making some furniture. I currently have a total of 38 stickers. See you next time!