Frozen World

I saw something surprising on the beach today: It was a snowman! In fact, it was Olaf from Frozen!

Olaf from Frozen napping on the beach.

He said he was just about to go back to Arendelle, and he invited me to go along too! So we took a boat ride through the gate to the Frozen world!

Taking a boat to the Frozen world in Disney Magical World 2.

Olaf was looking for Anna and Elsa, but Elsa’s servant said they went to the Valley of the Living Rock. I was then able to use the episode board here. Right on cue, Letta showed up with a letter from Yen Sid. He sent me an ice crystal wand to use in the action quests. I started it out, and I love the scenery here. The frozen tundra, the glistening ice, and the frosty, icy trees are beautiful. You can almost feel the chill.

An action quest in the Frozen world in Disney Magical World 2.Once I completed the quest, I met Anna, Elsa, and Grand Pabbie. I completed two more action quests before returning to Castleton.

Elsa: I'm Elsa, queen of Arendelle.

I unlocked a new style shop inside of Daisy’s boutique. A chipmunk named Clarice runs it, and she can make customizations to the colors and styles of clothes that you bring in. You’ll need twinkle stones to make the changes, and you keep the original outfit even after making a customization. I didn’t have the stones to change my outfit (at least not any twinkling ones), but I’ll have to stop by again sometime.

Clarice: That thing you're holding there is just so beautiful.

After completing another episode in the Frozen world later on, I got a recipe for a new magic wand. I took the recipe to Yen Sid, and he made the snowflake wand for me. Fortunately, I already had the ingredients I needed. I earned a sticker for making my first silver rare wand.

The snowflake wand in Disney Magical World 2.I finished up my night with another episode in 100 Acre Wood. Pooh got stuck in a hole in Rabbit’s house, and we all had to pull our Pooh out.

All of us trying to pull Pooh out.

Our attempt was unsuccessful, and we decided to just wait until Pooh got thinner. Rabbit wasn’t happy about the new view from inside his house.

Rabbit: Oh, dear. If I have to face that...

So he decided to just decorate around the Pooh hole. My new object of the episode was to gather two splendid sticks. I was scared to see how the sticks were going to be used, but I went out and gathered them anyway.

Rabbit, after receiving two sticks: I can decorate Pooh's bottom quite nicely with these!
Why is this a thing?

He ended up using them as antlers. Oh, deer.

Rabbit: It's not bad, not bad at all!I also had to find a certain flower to wish Pooh to get well soon. But by the time I did, Pooh felt like he had lost some weight. So we all pulled on Pooh, and this time he plopped out. What a relief. With that business taken care of, I ended my game for the night.

There is one other note I’d like to share: Last night, I again had the game crash on me. It happened while I was working in the cafe, just like the first time. I suggest saving your game frequently, particularly when working in the cafe. See you next time!