Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

In the Frozen world, I went on an action quest where I had to risk my life…for chocolate!

Quest Start! Get back Anna's chocolate!

I later had to risk my life to find some sticks to use as arms for a snowman! These ice witches send me into danger for the stupidest things!

Quest Start! Search for a branch to use as the snowman's arms!

Near the castle, I saw a building I could have unlocked quite a while ago, but didn’t. It’s Miss Teri’s Shop of Wonder. Here, you can exchange nice points for good luck charms or mystery items like improved fishing rods and new recipes for food, clothes, and furniture!

Miss Teri: Are you the kind of person who believes in that which you cannot see?

I went on a shopping spree, buying up as much as I could. I earned a new sticker for buying a mystery item. I’m also close to earning another for buying 30 recipes from her.

As soon as I left Miss Teri’s shop, Letta appeared and said that Miss Teri was looking for me. So Letta put me right back inside the Shop of Wonder! Miss Teri told me that twinkle stones can create puzzle pieces, and she started me off by giving me some red twinkle stones. I was able to use her new twinkle stone option to exchange them for a random puzzle piece.

As I left her shop, a new world opened up! It’s based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! After barging into the dwarfs’ house, they kicked me out because they were too hungry to focus on anything else. The episode board in this world then became available to me.

The seven dwarfs walk by.

The first episode just involved a lot of button-pressing as I just watched a long, boring conversation. Each dwarf would tell the next one to cook food, and on down the line, until they finally told me to do it. So I had to get a stew going.

Cooking stew for the seven dwarfs.

The second episode involved me cleaning their house. By pressing the A button at sparkling locations around the house, I would pick up the piles of dust and clean the house. Once I was done, Snow White and the prince showed up.

Cleaning up the home of the seven dwarfs.

In the third episode, I went mining with the dwarfs. The object is to swing your pickaxe in the same rhythm as the dwarf you’re with. This is how you earn twinkle stones.

Mining in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs world.

Letta then appeared and gave me another letter from Yen Sid. He sent me an outfit that will turn me into a merperson. This will allow to enter the underwater world of Atlantica. But I’ll cover that in the next entry.

Back in Castleton, I unlocked a stand for Three Little Pigs Renovations. They can remodel the outside of your home by replacing your walls, roof, door, or mailbox.

The Three Little Pigs' stand for remodeling homes.

Note: My game has crashed for a third time the other night, once again while working in the cafe. Three crashes in such a relatively short period of time is really a lot. I expect better from a Nintendo published game, to be honest.

That’s all for now, but I’ll see you next time as I head off to the wet world of Atlantica.