The Little Mermaid World

I arrived in Atlantica, which is the world based on The Little Mermaid. The outfit from Yen Sid will turn you into a merman or mermaid. I got no legs!

I'm a merman in The Little Mermaid world of Disney Magical World 2.
Something fishy is going on!

I used the episode board to begin the first action quest. It takes place underwater of course, as does everything in this world. But here, I can use my magic wand to trap ghosts in bubbles by pressing the Y button. I really like the scenery down here under the sea.

An underwater action quest in The Little Mermaid world.
Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter. ♪

Once I reached the boss ghost’s room, I met up with Ariel (the Little Mermaid herself) and Flounder. I still don’t understand how his head is so much bigger than hers. 😛

Ariel:Oh! Who's this?
Jeff: Very Good Swimmer?

I reminded Ariel that she’s missing rehearsal, and she said that Sebastian is going to be steamed. Haha, I hope that’s a reference to the scene in the movie where Sebastian almost gets cooked. 😉

Ariel: Sebastian is going to be steamed, all right.

I’ve now cleared the first five episodes in this world. At one point, Ariel showed me all the human items she’s stashed away from various shipwrecks.

Ariel: Look at all this human stuff! Isn't it neat?
Wouldn’t you think your collection’s complete?

After hosting a Frozen themed party at my cafe back in Castleton, I completed a Frozen puzzle. That allowed me to go on a Frozen themed magic dream! I began by flying by a frosty ice castle.

The ice castle in the Frozen dream.

Elsa told me to “keep cool” as she froze me into an ice crystal.

Frozen in ice in a magic dream in Disney Magical World 2.
THIS is your idea of fun? I’d rather build a snowman.

Anna’s activity was much more enjoyable: We got to go down an ice slide!

The ice slide in the Frozen world.
This is more like it! But I can’t feel my butt.

And with Olaf’s help, I was able to change the music here to “Let it Go.” After that, I woke up from my dream. The dreams are somewhat enjoyable for a minute or two–it’s cool to see what activities are available. But after that, there’s not much else to do unless you want to repeat the activities over and over. Still, they are an entertaining little bonus.

One other thing I touched on before is the friendship medals. I never had a proper follow-up, so I’ll talk about it now. When you speak to Bella and invite guests, five random player characters (from the internet) will appear in your town (even though it doesn’t show them arriving by hot air balloon).

Your profile is also uploaded so your character can appear in someone elsa else’s town. You earn five medals just for inviting the guests, so you do not have to get StreetPass hits to earn the medals. That is a good thing.

A visitor in Disney Magical World 2.

New areas of the game keep opening up before I’m ready for them. The white rabbit and Alice appeared, and they activated the gate to Wonderland.

White Rabbit: Oh, my goodness! I'm late! I'm late!Not only that, but Letta appeared with an invitation to the ball. I’ll look into Wonderland and the ball next time.

Just to update you on my status, I currently have 57 stickers, and my item collection is 19.34% complete. See you soon!