Alice in Wonderland

I returned to the Lilo & Stitch world (Hawaii), where the next episode rewarded me with a nice massage.

Lomi: Now for the best massage you'll ever have!Have I mentioned this game has some weird objectives? 😛 But that’s not a complaint. They sure don’t rub me the wrong way.

Me receiving a nice massage from Lomi.

Later, I headed up to the castle, where an episode board was unlocked. I can now participate in dances in the enchanted ballroom. The dances are essentially rhythm games where you must press buttons at the appropriate times. Cinderella and Prince Charming showed up.

Cinderella: We're so glad you could come to our ball.After a few introductory words from them, the dance began.

Dancing at the ball in Disney Magical World 2.

Once I was done, I got a new sticker for completing my first dance, and another for clearing a ball with a perfect rating. These balls were my least favorite part of the original Disney Magical World. But at least the first couple of dances are pretty easy to complete.

The third one was a bit harder, and it earned me a sticker for clearing a difficult ball with a gold rating. No more balls opened up after that, but there will be more later in the game.

Next, I headed over to Wonderland. As I accessed the episode board, Letta showed up with another magic wand from Yen Sid. So I headed off into the hedge maze for the first action quest.

A hedge maze action quest in the Alice in Wonderland world of Disney Magical World 2.I completed the first three episodes, including one where Alice asked me to find her a flamingo mallet. She said they’re good for hitting balls…and not the dancing kind.

Alice: There are perfectly good mallets, real ones, made for hitting balls.

She wanted to play croquet with the queen, of course.

When I returned to Castleton, Letta showed up and gave me a letter from Rapunzel. She invited me to another ball at the castle. As soon as Letta flew away, she immediately returned! She also had an invitation for a ball from Anna and Elsa. But I will save those balls for another day.

At Three Little Pigs Renovations, I had the piggies replace the door of my house. It was only 500 coins, after all. That earned me the Piggy Paint Job sticker.

You got a sticker! Piggy Paint Job.
Now no wolves can huff and puff their way in, right?

Another blog entry, another crash to report. The game crashed on me while working on my farm in 100 Acre Wood tonight. I didn’t lose any progress this time, but you have to wonder why a better job wasn’t done cleaning up the errors before the game was published. These crashes are happening far too often.

I finished up my night with three episodes in the Snow White world. One involved nothing more than handing over an item I already had, one involved making an item at Daisy’s boutique, and the other just required catching one fish. They were quick and easy.