More Dreams

I went to the castle and completed both of Rapunzel’s balls and both of Elsa and Anna’s balls. I did it partially to get them out of the way, and partially because I needed one of the items for an episode in 100 Acre Wood. Once I got what I needed, Owl used the item to make a banner for the “hunny” party.

The Hunny Party banner in 100 Acre Wood.
Look at banner.

When I visited Miss Teri’s Shop of Wonder, I saw that I was now able to buy the expert rod! This will help me catch even bigger fish. Yay!

New Record! Loot Lobster. Length: 162 cm.

In 100 Acre Wood, one episode took me inside of a giant tree loaded with honey. I was knee-deep in it, and Pooh was up to his waist. Ol’ Pooh bear likes the honey.

Winnie the Pooh: I couldn't be happier.
They don’t allow you to have bees in here.

I went home and decided to have a nice dream. I’ve unlocked several more dreams since last time, but I started off with a Wreck-It Ralph dream. We made a go-kart and then raced on a track! Unfortunately, you don’t control the car directly. These dreams generally just involve watching things happen.

Making a race car in the Wreck It Ralph dream.Racing in the Wreck It Ralph dream of Disney Magical World 2.

I then enjoyed a dream based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. I started out by getting into a bathtub with Jack Skellington, and then we rode the bathtub around the world. Wow, I have some strange dreams.

Sitting in a tub with Jack Skellington.

Sally’s activity involved picking petals from a flower to see if Jack loves her or not. The flower bursts into flames…probably not a good sign.

I then jumped on an insane, rabid duck as its head spun around. We didn’t go anywhere, and yet I still felt lucky to escape with my life.

Sitting on a crazy duck in the Nightmare Before Christmas dream of DMW2.

Next, I opened up a present from Jack. A snake or something jumped out and scared me to death…literally. I saw my soul leave my body, although it soon jumped back in.

Jack scares me to death.

Even though I’ve unlocked several more dreams, I didn’t want to complete them all at once. They might drive me insane!

After completing an episode in the Frozen world, I got a recipe for a snow star wand. When I made it in Yen Sid’s tower, I earned a sticker for making my first gold rare wand.

You got a sticker! Strike gold!In case you’re not aware, Nintendo has some QR codes on their DMW2 site that you can scan and use in the game. Currently they have a seven-piece “animals and pals” set and a five-piece Halloween set. But they may add more in the future.

In Hawaii, I entered a hula contest (as part of an episode there). It works the same as the dancing at the balls. You press the buttons at the appropriate time and you are judged by how precise you are. There was only one hula episode available to me now, and it was very slow-paced and easy.

Dancing the hula in the Lilo and Stitch world of Disney Magical World 2.

And I noticed that in one area of the Hawaii world, you can walk behind some trees, causing them to disappear. But the coconuts on the tree don’t disappear. They just hang there.

Coconuts dangle from an invisible tree in Hawaii.

In addition to working at my cafe regularly, I’ve been trying to complete an assortment of episodes from different worlds. I’m not focusing on any single world right now, just moving around from one task to another. My current sticker count is 82, and my item collection is 35.33% complete. See you next time!