Christmas decorations at the Magic Castle in Castleton.

Holiday Season Arrives

Last week, Castleton started getting ready for the Christmas/holiday season (and winter in general). There are Christmas trees, fake snow, snowmen, presents, and red and green banners up in various locations around town.

A Christmas tree and decorations on Castle Street.And of course, there are also new holiday-themed furniture items, clothes, accessories, and food items. There are also festive medals you get for inviting internet players to your town during this time of year. They can be used in McDuck’s to purchase certain holiday items.

In Hawaii, Stitch asked to go surfing with me for a favor. So off we went, and together we surfed for a record 271.4m without falling off. Going over 200m earned me a Super Surfer sticker.

You got a sticker! Super Surfer.I played through an action quest in the Lilo & Stitch world, and I just love the scenery. The water, the islands, and the bridges…it’s all just so aesthetically pleasing. Some of the ghosts look like UFOs too, and that’s kind of cool.

A beautiful level in the Lilo & Stitch world.

In the Snow White world, Bashful told me that he had a hole in his pocket. He said that his nuts fell right out!

Bashful: So the nuts I put in there, well, they fell right out again.
Maybe you should keep them in a sack.

The souvenir cart on Castle Street often has some strange items for sale. But I don’t think any can top this one: A scrambled eggs lollipop. What the shell, man?
Shop Exclusive: Scrambled Eggs Lollipop. Cost: 300 coins.And in the Frozen world, Olaf lost his nose! Well technically, a ghost took it. But I had to go an action quest to find it! Completing it earned me the “Paragon” sticker for completing 65 episodes altogether.

Olaf: Oh, dear--my nose is missing! What to do, what to do...

After farming a bit, I returned home for some dreams. I’ve been completing a lot of puzzles lately, so I had quite a few dreams to choose from. I started with a Lilo & Stitch dream called “Planet Hopper.” I soon found myself standing with Stitch on the rings of a space ship that resembled Saturn.

Standing on a Saturn-like ship with Stitch in a dream.

One of the activities resulted in me sitting with Lilo in a flying spaceship that looked like a car. Another activity let me ride with Dr. Jumba and Pleakley.

Driving with Lilo in a dream.
Is Stitch the hood ornament?

Even though it looks cool here, there’s not much to do. So I went on another dream, this time to Alice in Wonderland themed dream called “Time for Tea!” This bizarre dream again puts me in outer space (apparently), but this time I’m riding on a flying teacup! I was able to pose for pictures with Alice and the White Rabbit.

Posing with Alice in Wonderland in an odd dream in Disney Magical World 2.

Other activities allowed me to pose with the Mad Hatter on a spinning teacup, visit the Queen’s floating garden, and float in the sea of tears. It was an odd dream.

Floating in the sea of tears with Alice in Wonderland.

The sticker-earning process has slowed down somewhat compared to earlier in the game, but I’m now up to 87 stickers. As for my item collection, it’s currently 40.12% complete. See you next time!

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  1. Woohoo! I ordered Disney Magical World 2 and it’ll be here by Friday! 🙂 And also, a random question: What is your favourite world/worlds? (Including Castle Town)

    1. I hope you enjoy the game! I think my favorite world might be the Lilo & Stitch world. I really like the graphics (and music) of the action quests, and the world mixes a tropical setting with some sci-fi elements (since some of the characters are aliens). And then there are the extra activities like swimming and surfing too.

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