QR Codes & Valentine’s Balloons

In January, Nintendo released a new QR code for an “ears collection.” You can access it on the official DMW2 downloads page, or just scan it right here.

A QR code for Disney Magical World 2 that unlocks some ears you can wear.Even though it’s called an ears collection, it actually has more sunglasses than anything. Here’s the list of items unlocked: the rare Mickey character shades, the rare Minnie character shades, a Mickey tote bag, a Minnie tote bag, rare Minnie ribbon ears, rare chiffon Minnie ribbon, gold Mickey & Minnie shades, and magic Mickey & Minnie shades.

More recently, Nintendo posted another QR code. This one unlocks five “villain” items.

QR code for villain related items in Disney Magical World 2.This includes the Queen of Hearts headband, Maleficent headband, Ursala headband, Jafar headband, and Cruella hair. Here’s a look at me wearing the Jafar headband.

The Jafar headband in Disney Magical World 2.
Who knew Jafar had Mickey Mouse ears? I guess he just tucked them into his hat. 😉

And now that it’s February, you can find the Valentine’s balloons for sale in McDuck’s. Just be sure to pick them up by Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine's balloons on sale in McDuck's.I haven’t been playing the game much lately. But when I do, it’s generally to farm and to work in the cafe. I’m trying to (eventually) host every cafe party possible. There are a lot of them, so it’s going to take quite a while.

Update: Later in February, Nintendo posted yet another QR code. This one unlocks the princess set, which consists of seven princess-related items. That includes a casual Rapunzel T-shirt, a casual snowflake T-shirt, a valentine Mickey hat, an Ariel tote bag, a Belle tote bag, a Cinderella tote bag, and a Jasmine headband. Here is the QR code:

QR code that unlocks the princess set in Disney Magical World 2 for Nintendo 3DS.