Halloween Season

The Halloween season is now upon us once again in Disney Magical World 2. You can find seasonal decorations around town, and Halloween items are back in stock at the shops.

Halloween decorations on Castle Street in Disney Magical World 2 for Nintendo 3DS.Halloween decorations at the Magic Castle in Disney Magical World 2 for Nintendo 3DS.

I found that the souvenir cart had this swirly vortex balloon for sale. I apparently missed out on it last year somehow. Oops. Well, better late than never!

Hannah, selling a swirly vortex balloon: This one, right?Some holiday-based favors will also be available. Sally asked me for a roly-poly potato, and in return, she gave me a pumpkin king portrait. This is also something I missed last year.

What You Were Asked For: Roly-Poly Potato x 1. What You Will get: Pumpkin King Portrait x 1.This brought my completion percentage up to 104.89%. I’m still missing some items, including Minnie’s special item that’s only available on November 18th. Last year, Mickey gave me his item on that day, but Minnie didn’t have a favor for me. If I remember, I’ll try again this year.

But as for the other items I’m still missing, I’m not so sure about how to get them. There’s a collection list at GameFAQs, but it’s based on the Japanese version. Not everything seems to be the same in the American version, and it seems that some of the QR/AR codes are for Japan only? I may not be able to complete my collection in this game.

In Castleton, I noticed that Goofy’s garden has one big, ugly carrot growing in it. 😛 I just enjoy walking behind objects and characters, so that they’re right in front of the camera and nearly fill up the view. 😛

A person wearing a carrot suit blocks the screen.Just a reminder that Miiverse is closing down on November 7th. So if you want any high-quality screenshots without the Disney copyright watermark in the corner, take them before then. For more info on using Miiverse to take screenshots, see this guide.

See you next time!