Here you will find my brief reviews of Sega Dreamcast games, along with a rating from 1 to 10. A rating of 9-10 indicates a great game; 7-8 is a good game; 5-6 is a mediocre game; 3-4 is a poor game; and 1-2 is a horrible game.

Latest additions:

This is an updated take on the classic arcade hit. The levels are bigger and have more variety than the single-screen arcade game of course, but the gameplay remains mostly true to the original. The game is tile-based, meaning that pressing left will make you hope one tile (or space) to the left, and so on. You must also avoid hazards and enemies along the way. Illogically enough, falling into water will still make Frogger lose a life. The object is to save the five baby frogs in each of the game's 17 levels. Frogger can now double-jump to reach higher spaces or to leap over gaps. He can also use his tongue to eat power-ups and extra lives. Many of the obstacles in the game are pattern-based. And each level has safe spots where you can observe the pattern a beetle follows, for example, before hopping into action. There are also some additional arcade-style levels that can be unlocked by collecting coins in the main mode. Overall, Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge is quite short and easy, but it is undeniably fun while it lasts.
This is a 3D platformer starring Sega's famous blue hedgehog. You start the game as Sonic, but five more playable characters are unlocked as the game goes on. Each character has different abilities and level goals. Sonic's levels play much like previous Sonic games, only in 3D. In Tails' levels, he must race through stages, using his power of flight to beat Sonic to the goal. Knuckles' levels involve searching for fragments of the Master Emerald. Amy's levels have her running from a robot and looking for a goal balloon at the end of each stage. E-102 Gamma is a robot; his levels involve shooting at enemies. And finally, Big the Cat's levels involve fishing...for a frog. Unfortunately, the game is plagued with camera and control problems. The camera sometimes refuses to turn the right direction, and can get stuck behind objects or even beneath the floor you're standing on! That can cause some frustration (and cheap deaths). The control setup is also odd. For reasons unknown, Sega chose not to use all the buttons on the Dreamcast controller and instead assigned multiple functions to some buttons. So you'll try to talk to a character in the adventure field, and instead, you'll spin dash 20 feet away. Often. There are some interesting mini-games, such as a racing track and a "Chao raising" mode. Sonic Adventure is a moderately fun game, but its annoying flaws drag it down.
This unique game is based on House of the Dead 2, but the method of gameplay is completely different. Rather than using a light gun or a regular controller, you use the Dreamcast keyboard to play. By typing the words and phrases that pop up on screen, you shoot at the zombies that relentlessly come after you. If you type fast enough, you'll defeat the zombies and move on to the next area, where more zombies attack. If you type too slowly, you're dead meat. If you're really good at typing, you'll probably breeze through this game quickly. If not, the game has tutorials to teach you how to type, and drills that help you improve your speed and accuracy. But the main game has only six short levels. Even though there are multiple game modes to try, it's really just the same six levels over and over. There's not a lot of variety or depth. And I have to point out that the voice acting is probably the worst that I've ever heard. The Typing of the Dead is a mildly fun game, but it's more of a novelty than anything.

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