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Date of Visit: September 28, 2013
2nd Visit: December 14, 2016
3rd Visit: December 22, 2016
Villagers: Ankha, Roscoe, Fang, Phoebe, Bunnie, Axel, Truffles, Pietro, Julian, Drago (as of 12/22/16)
Previous Dream Address: 2600-0218-7298
Aika Village is well known for being a scary, creepy dream town. But I wasn't going to take someone else's word for it, I wanted to visit Aika myself. So let's begin.

Luna: Welcome to the world of dreams...

Soon after arriving, I saw the town's creator. Of course her name and text is in Japanese.

Meeting the mayor/creator of Aika Village.

There are many of these statue fountains all around. This town's water bill must be a nightmare!

Statue fountains in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The 4 a.m. music playing outdoors adds to the creepy atmosphere. But when I saw the first house, I naturally had to go check it out. Three mannequins were inside, with one seemingly a child celebrating a birthday. "I hope one of my presents is a face!"

Birthday party in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

There was a back room, but it was blocked off so you couldn't enter. So I went up the stairs, which led to a child's room. A doll sat on the floor, next to some drawings of a seemingly happy family. Other toys and dolls were spread around the room.

Back outside, I saw that Octavian was one of the villagers. I've always liked him, so I went in his house to say hello. He told me that he dreamed that I would visit him.

Chatting with Octavian in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I noticed that the town only has one bridge. So to explore, you basically have to make a clockwise circle around the entire town. Some people speculate that this represents a timeline, with each of the four houses telling a story in sequence. In the northeast corner of town, I found a mitten lying on the ground. Who could this belong to?

Lost mitten in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

After crossing the bridge, I came to an area that was littered with pitfall seeds, but also had lots of tasty goodies scattered around. I found chocolate cake, fortune cookies, lollipops, and more. I couldn't resist them. Delicious!

I then entered the second house. The main room was a maze of Japanese exit signs and stools. I felt conflicted; I didn't know whether to leave or sit down.

Exit signs in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Upstairs, the room was made to look like the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were standing there, next to an apple and a serpent. "Mmm, forbidden fruit."

Adam and Eve in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Downstairs, there was a scene where a dozen dolls were seated for a meal. I don't know about you, but I think these dolls just look creepy.

Dolls having dinner in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Of particular interest, one of the dolls had an axe hidden behind her back.

When I went back outside, I came across a dead forest, filled with rotten trees and weeds everywhere.

Dead trees and lots of weeds.

And what spooky town would be complete without a graveyard and a zombie? Oh wait, that's just Shari.

Graveyard in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Over at the police station, the lost and found was filled with beehives. I don't quite understand how that fits in. They don't allow you to have bees in here.

Copper: Anything here look familiar? Wait. What am I thinking?!

I then continued on to the third house, where I saw the creepiest scene yet. Between bookcases, an evil doll was sitting there with an axe.

Doll with an axe in Aika Village for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The room was actually a maze, and I found the home owner inside.

The back room had paper everywhere. A book with a four-leaf clover was encased in the center of the room. I guess Aika Village hasn't gone digital yet.

Upstairs, there was a scene straight out of Poltergeist: a girl sitting in front of the TV, which only displays snow and static. They're coming...

A doll watches static on a TV in the horror themed dream town of Aika Village.

In the basement, a doll sits in front of an empty cradle. The bed nearby has an outline of a body, as if somebody died in the bed.

Back outside, things are looking worse. Among the dead trees and weeds are tires and trash.

As I enter the fourth and final house, I see that the disarray isn't limited to the outdoors. Items are strewn all across the floor.

In the back room, a doll with an axe is fenced in with a girl, as mystic statues look on. It seems that the doll has the girl trapped, with no way to escape.

Upstairs is the final room. This is the same room as seen in the first house. But now, the doll has an axe, and the drawings of the happy memories have been scribbled out...particularly the girl, as seen in the center picture. Also of note, the dolls which were facing forward in the first house are now facing the wall.

Did the evil doll kill the girl? Well, someone is buried in the northwest corner of town. Down on the beach, there is a gravestone, with flowers, cake, and candy left behind.

Overlooking a gravestone, flowers, and other gifts for the departed in Aika Village.

On another part of the beach, a pair of red shoes has been left behind at the water's edge.

Shoes on the beach in Aika Village for ACNL

I also visited some of the animals' houses. I noticed they also had these dolls in their houses. That might not be such a wise decision.

Agnes: Um... Sorry! I was staring because I don't know you, not because something's wrong with your face.

Tom: Hard work isn't guaranteed to make your dreams come true!

Clearly a lot of time was spent making this a great, creepy dream town. Anyone who's interested in the Dream Suite at all should check out Aika Village at least once. Do you have any theories about this town? If so, leave it in the comments below.

For another good horror town, check out The Town of the Artist.

UPDATE, December 14, 2016: Thanks to Flandre for letting me know that Aika Village is back online.

When I visited this time, I made sure to check out the room with the eyes that several of you pointed out to me previously. Here it is:

The room with creepy eyes looking at you in Aika Village.

UPDATE #2, December 22, 2016: The creator of Aika has now posted a new dream address of 2D00-002A-49A0 on Twitter. As for the changes made, I noticed this doll and mannequin are now in jail.

Characters in jail in the horror themed dream town of Aika Village.

Some Sanrio items can be found in this room, although it seems a bit out of place for a horror themed town.

Sanrio and Hello Kitty items in the horror themed dream town of Aika Village.

And the basement of the third house, which previously had a bed with the outline of a corpse, has been turned into Aika Cafe. Well, at least we know the meat is fresh.

The Aika Cafe in the dream town of Aika Village.

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