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Town of the Artist

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Date of Visit: October 25, 2014
Villagers: Moe, Rudy, Bianca, Colton, Vesta, Filbert, Patty, Lolly, Rod
Previous Dream Address: 3200-0330-2755
With Halloween approaching, there's no better time to visit a creepy, horror themed town. This town's name is in Japanese, but most people online refer to it as the Town of the Artist. Others call it Diablo.

The first thing I noticed was how the town looks desolate and abandoned. There are weeds, clovers, and dead trees all over the place. If there are any ghosts here, they sure don't pull weeds.

I had a chat with Moe, who had blood on his shirt. His house appears to be a doctor's office, and he had a skeleton and a model of a human body behind he talked about snacks.

Many of the villagers in town appear to be wearing the same pattern, as I found out when I visited Rudy. Bleeding from the neck, he told me to open my eyes at look at how amazing this town is. Riiight.

There are only two players' houses in this town, so I made my way to the first one. The player names are in Japanese, but this house is the easternmost one. Inside, I found an artist's studio. A mannequin apparently represented the painter.

Upstairs, the artist can be found at an easel, painting a large tree. Across the room, one of those evil dolls is sitting on a table, seemingly watching the artist.

The room on the left seems to be similar. Each room seems to show the events of what happened in sequential order, because the painting now shows a full forest (if you turn on the light and look closely) and the painter appears to be getting ready for bed.

In the back room, the person that was about to get into bed is now gone. The doll is now on the floor with an axe in front of her!

The room on the right shows the doll even closer to the bed, with the sheets now covered in blood! Maybe it's not a good idea for me to be in here alone with Talky Tina.

In the basement, the bloody sheets remain, but the doll is now gone.

Oh, but wait. Look in the painting, and you can see a red hooded figure! Did the doll escape into the painting of the forest?! Does she think she's Phantom Ganon or something?

That was the last room of the house, so I gladly went back outside for some fresh air. I decided to give cute Lolly a visit. She seems so out of place in a town like this!

In the southwest corner of town, I found a cemetery.

Plot twist: One of the graves caved in, and I found myself buried alive! Well, actually it was just a pitfall seed, so I managed to survive. Still, it was a grave situation.

Heading north, I found two flower beds, each with three golden roses and then a black rose in one corner. I'm not sure if there's any significance to this or not.

Most of the town is run-down, but the area around the mayor's house is actually pretty nice. There's a fountain, paths, and more roses.

Inside, there's a man standing next to a throne, with a judge's bell and a candle on the table in front of him. K.K, Dirge is playing.

There's also a painting here. Let's take a closer look...

The hooded figure again! Is this the doll? I don't think it's Little Red Riding Hood. So what's going on here?

Upstairs, I found the doll and her axe, with a cow skull at the altar, and a pentagram on the back wall. There's clearly some sort of ritual going on here. Is she sacrificing a cow? Or perhaps the artist?

The room on the left appears to be a fortune teller's room, although it also has two beds and a bathtub. Above the tub, there's a painting that includes our hooded doll friend.

The back room has some creepy works of art, including statues and even Majora's mask!

But what's this? The highlight at the back of the art gallery? It's the painting of the forest, with no doll this time.

The painting is also on display in the dining room on the right...but the doll is back in the picture!

In the basement? Blood everywhere. You can even hear it dripping, thanks to three drip pails in the room.

A painting above the bed shows a close-up of the doll's hood. She's heeeeeere!

Although it's clearly evil and violent, I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this house. It's not as clear-cut (so to speak) as the first house. Any thoughts? Leave a comment below and share your theories!

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