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Mayor: Estel (Amy)
Date of Visit: January 30, 2016
Villagers: Bruce, Paula, Pango, Colton, Gloria, Alice, Bunnie, Doc, Rod, Julian
Previous Dream Address: 4800-2245-2005
As I arrived in the dream world of Citàlune, I was overwhelmed by cherry blossom petals. The event plaza is beautiful and gives quite a positive first impression of the town.

Citalune plaza

Just to the south, I found Fern's house on a cliff near a windmill.

When I went inside, I discovered that Fern's house is actually Fern's Tavern. You can grab a bite to eat and then spend the night at the inn.

Fern's Tavern in Citalune

Up to ten people can sleep in the room upstairs, which may be a bit crowded! It might be hard to sleep if any of the other guests snore!

The room in the basement seems a bit more comfortable, so I took a little nap.

Taking a nap in Citalune

Back outside, there's a nice walkway leading up to Violet's house.

This room is filled with cake and ice cream! Sweet!

Violet's bedroom upstairs is so cute that I could bearly stand it!

Downstairs, there's a beautiful clearing in the forest. It's impressive how the aurora screens are used to provide some atmospheric lighting while still conveying the sense of nighttime.

Beautiful Forest clerning in Citalune

The landscaping around the fountain is gorgeous. It almost feels like a separate event plaza...or the wishing well area in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. Also, note the moon patterns on the ground--this is the "moonrise" part of town.

Gorgeous fountain in Citalune

Just to the south, two benches near the cliff provide a great place to watch the ocean. Too bad New Leaf doesn't allow us to change the camera angle outdoors! But you can hear the waves, so this is a peaceful spot to sit and relax.

Benches overlooking the sea in Citalune

The main room of the mayor's castle has beautiful lighting and lots of flowing water, courtesy of the Merlion fountains. For some reason, it reminds me a bit of Zora's Domain in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I love it.

Merlion fountain room in Citalune

The sleepy bedroom upstairs is equally appealing. It's another great place for a nap, but I'm not so sure I would want to wake up surrounded by gyroids every morning. That could be frightening, even if they would make good alarm clocks.

There's an elegant chapel in the basement, although it is eerily quiet down here.

Chapel in Citalune

Nearly all of the animals' houses are lined up on the west edge of town; that must have taken a lot of plot resetting. I visited with most of the villagers.

Paula insulting me in ACNL

There are a bunch of presents near the train station. I didn't unwrap all of them, but some of them contain balloons and clothing items you can wear as you enjoy your dream here. You'll notice the sunny path here; this is the "sunset" part of town.

I circled around town and ended up at Lyra's castle. Lyra was outside, and she told me that Citàlune is a city of the sun and moon.

Inside her castle, the room on the left seemed to be an orchestra hall.

Orchestra hall in Citalune

The throne room was vibrant and very colorful.

The room to the right appears to be a theater where you can enjoy a play.

Throne room in Citalune

Here are a few more pictures of Citàlune:

This wraps up my dream tour of Citàlune. It's an amazing town, indoors and out. There's more to see than what I've shown here, so be sure to check it out for yourself. And if you'd like, drop by Amy's Animal Crossing blog called A Forest Life.

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