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Mayor: Shoh
Date of Visit: July 26, 2015
2nd Visit: April 4, 2017
Villagers: Grizzly, Fauna, Buck, Mint, Bunnie, Papi, Gruff, Julian, Tank (as of 4/4/17)
Previous Dream Address: 2000-5000-9877
I drove off to dream land, arriving at the town of Highway. Technically, the town name is in Japanese, but the mayor referred to his town as Highway when he suggested it to me. I quickly noticed that it's nighttime, and cherry blossom petals are falling from the sky.

As you might expect with a town called Highway, there are roads around town. Signs on the ground indicate the speed limit, and they also warn against making U-turns.

What happens if I break the traffic laws? Will Copper come after me?

There are also pedestrian crosswalks and bicycle crossings. But no animal crossing? The traffic signal public works project (PWP) fits in with this theme perfectly.

One beautiful (and well-lit) part of town has a tower, an illuminated heart, an illuminated tree, and a modern streetlight. (There's also an illuminated clock just off-screen to the right).

I made my way up to the mayor's house, where I found an impressive office. Or maybe it's a computer lab. At any rate, I like this room.

The room on the left is an extravagant room fit for a king. Gorgeous furniture fills the room, including an entire wall full of gorgeous clocks. One corner of the room has a throne at a desk, where the king and queen can sign royal decrees, including orders of "Off with his head!"

On the right, a room with a spa has separate areas for each guest. One young guest is missing the mark, however. And that's why you should aim higher.

Upstairs, there is a space museum that showcases the highlights of space exploration. They even got the moon up here somehow. What a loony idea.

The basement seems to be the control room. Are we on a giant spaceship??

Back outside, I think I found a gas station. Fill 'er up!

An opening in the trees nearby reveals a lovely place for a picnic.

The house to the south appears to be a hotel or resort. It has a gym, laundry room, and a spa.

The house to the east is a schoolhouse. It has a lab, music room, home economics room, nurse's office, and of course, a traditional classroom. Looks like it's lunch time! It's okay for me to eat this, um, I think...

The central house has a nice reading room with enough books to last you a lifetime.

There's also a board room where the CEO must hold his or her meetings.

In another room, a game show is being recorded. I'm rooting for the gyroid to win it all. "I'll take Oombloid Onomatopoeia for $1000, Alex."

The basement is home to a bank. Looks like somebody left a suitcase full of money wide open! If I can find the bank clerk, I should probably tell 'er.

The town of Highway also lets you participate in a treasure hunt! Take the shovel near the starting point and dig for treasure! Most of the time, you'll just find a dud ticket. Can you find the buried treasure chest somewhere in town?

Among other attractions, there is a lighthouse and a pretty secluded area with many flowers and a brick road.

Feel free to leave a comment about this town--just don't spoil the location of the hidden treasure chest! And don't forget to look through my other dream adventures too!

UPDATE, April 4, 2017: I've found that Highway is now back online with a new dream address (1C00-0028-2D9F). It's currently set to a daylight time instead of night like my previous visit, but the cherry blossoms are still falling from the sky.

The streets, sidewalks, and crosswalk of the city themed dream town of Highway in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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