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Mayor: Spazzie
Date of Visit: February 23, 2014
Villagers: Marshal, Leonardo, Kitt, Bianca, Bob, Chester, Rodney, Mathilda, Filbert, Julian
Welcome to the dream town of Izumi! It's a pretty town with nice paths, lots of flowers, and some impressive houses.

I started out by saying hello to Julian the unicorn.

I then checked out Lola's one-room house. It's definitely a girly room, with mermaid furniture and some lovely furniture that's been customized with rubies.

I found Marshal hanging out in the playground, but he didn't seem to be enjoying it. Or maybe he's just trying to play it cool. The minute I walk away, he'll be like Wheeeee!

Thesa's house either belongs to a fortune teller or a mad scientist. I can't be sure which.

Thesa herself is ever so friendly.

I also said hello to Spazzie, the town's mayor.

Her house is perhaps the highlight of the whole town. The main room is a great cafe, with lots of delicious-looking treats!

There's also a cute, if a bit crowded, back office.

And a bathroom that's....Oh! Excuse me! Uh, kid? You're doing it wrong.

Spazzie's upstairs is very nice, although I'm not sure how to describe it. Part of it looks like a child's room with toys and dolls, and yet there are also works of works of art, a fireplace, a lit candle, and a Merlion fountain.

Spazzie's basement seems to be a church. There are pews and statues which could represent Adam and Eve. There are also nine stained-glass windows, with many different designs on them. It's a very impressive room.

I like how Spazzie's house seems to be surrounded by a small moat.

Mar's house seems to be a work in progress. But I do like how the modern furniture looks customized in silver. Very sleek.

A flower arch highlights a path towards town hall.

And of course I had to speak with Bob! I like how his roof is purple too.

Here are a few other pictures from around town. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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