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Date of Visit: February 27, 2015
Villagers: Timbra, Wendy, Frita, Muffy, Pietro, Curlos, Willow, Baabara, Vesta, Eunice
This town has a Japanese name, but it's often referred to as Nyoomore.

A werewolf hood is on the ground next to the bed, so naturally, I put it on. I quickly noticed there are faces of ten sheep villagers near the town tree. That's right, this is an all-sheep town and I'm playing the role of the lone wolf!

Note: Wendell provides these patterns and many more, if you want to take any of them home.

A park nearby has a digitized image of a dog. I imagine this is the pet (or a former pet) of the mayor.

Using this face-cutout standee, even ewe can become a sheep!

The villager patterns we saw by the town tree can also be seen marking each villager's house.

Inside, Frita refused to even tell me her name! I wasn't even wearing the wolf hood! Fine, I'll just call you "French Fry."

The player names are in Japanese, so it's hard for me to name the houses. But the southernmost house has this room devoted to Willow.

It also has this fancy game room.

And upstairs? Timbra everywhere! You can sit on her, sleep on her, light her up, or take her with you as luggage. It's a bit creepy actually.

Here, Vesta walks around outside her house.

The next player house I visited has a Curlos-themed room and this nice plant room with cacti, bonsai, and other plants.

There's also a karaoke lounge, where a gyroid is up at the mic!

Upstairs, there's a kitchen or food mart. But when I looked at the table, I found it staring right back at me!

This town has sign boards for each non-playable character. There's a picture of Cyrus and Reese outside of Re-Tail, a Brewster picture in front of the Roost, a picture of Don and Resetti by the Reset Center, an Isabelle sign outside of town hall, and a Booker sign outside of the police station.

I came across the owner of the third house. She had droopy eyelids and a Santa beard.

Her main room was devoted to Baabara.

The room on the right seemed to be the site of a wolf meeting. The king wolf seemed to be instructing the others. In the corner, a large full moon was present. If you need to practice howling at the moon, this is the place to be! Awooooooo!

Upstairs, it was hard to avoid Vesta's face. Two Vesta pillows were surrounded by fruit (mangos and lemons). I don't quite understand the significance, but if you do, please leave a comment below!

The mayor's house had a large wheat field and some watering troughs in the main room. The room on the left was devoted to Eunice, while the back room was all Muffy.

If those rooms weren't creepy enough, wait until you get to Pietro's room! His clown face is plastered on a table, bench, and bed. The room also has some balloon furniture, kiddie furniture, egg items, and other colorful items. It's the perfect room for a child...that you want to scar for life.

I thought it couldn't get worse; but the basement was even weirder. A chef and another person are wearing skull shirts as they cook some mutton stew to wolf down. There are multiple fires, an axe, and a skeleton on the floor. Are the sheep slaughtered and cooked down here? It looks like some sort of ritual is going on, and I didn't want to stick around. I was filled with shear terror!

North of the mayor's house, I found a sheep hiding in the grass near a scarecrow! If you're wondering what the scarecrow is doing there, I herd he was watching over the flock.

Nyoomore is a fun town to visit; you wool enjoy it! Feel free to leave a comment about this town and check out my other dream adventures too!

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