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Pink Sea


Mayor: Jennifer
Date of Visit: August 26, 2014
Villagers: Flurry, Molly, Maple, Diana, Cookie, Marina, Marcie, Merengue, Julian, Peanut
Previous Dream Address: 5100-2140-1457
Welcome to the dream town of Pink Sea. Soon after arriving, I found this pretty moat around the town tree.

Julian the unicorn was there to greet me, although he wondered how we got sucked into a dream world. You know, unlike the real world, where unicorns don't need to carry shovels around.

As I walked around, it was clear that Pink Sea is a very fitting name for the town. There are pink paths and pink flowers just about everywhere you go. The town is very picturesque; here you can see a fairy-tale bridge and a bell.

It's not completely pink, though. Here is a beautiful rainbow-colored garden with flowers of all colors.

I soon found myself outside of the mayor Jennifer's house...err...castle. A flower arch and a fountain can be seen nearby.

Inside, I found a pink bakery (and kitchen) in the room on the left. Everything looks delicious!

The back room is a child's paradise. There are toys everywhere, along with holiday items such as Easter eggs and a Christmas tree. There are also a bunch of piggy banks, each with a different customization. Definitely a fun, colorful room.

The basement has an underwater theme, with mermaid furniture, seashells, fish, and lots of water-related items. If the town is Pink Sea, this basement definitely takes you under the sea.

Looking for a nice peaceful place to relax? Check out the southeast corner of town: There's a zen garden, zen bell, hot spring, stone tablet, and some bamboo trees.

A geyser is also nearby.

I soon approached Seamstry's house and went inside. The back room is a nice church.

Upstairs, I found a campsite in the woods. I really like this room, and I haven't seen one quite like it before.

In Sir's house, I found this classroom. I hope you studied for the quiz!

The room on the right is a game room, with an arcade machine, pinball, foosball, table tennis, and even a bowling alley! You, Sir, know how to have some fun!

In the basement, a rock band plays some underground music! The lead singer may be a man(nequin), but the other band members are gyroids (as are the audience members). Can you dig it? What a cool concept!

In Emi's house, I found a farm complete with animals! It reminds me of a Harvest Moon game.

The back room is all set for a huge birthday party. It includes a complete balloon collection! So keep the slingshot outside, please!

The upstairs is a frosty room with snowman furniture and ice furniture. It's very chilly up here!

The basement is an aquarium with a bunch of aurora screens to provide some cool backlighting.

The sea of pink in this town isn't limited to flowers and paths; even a lot of the villagers are pink!

Even if you're not a fan of the color pink, you can't deny that Pink Sea is a gorgeous town. And if you are a fan of pink, you'd probably be in heaven here. Here are a few more pictures that show off this lovely town:

Of course this page doesn't show everything, so go visit the dream and experience Pink Sea for yourself!

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