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Mayor: Lucas (StarmanPhantom)
Date of Visit: October 26, 2013
2nd Visit: December 21, 2013 - UPDATE
Villagers: Queenie, Hopper, Margie, Poncho, Muffy, Hugh, Annalise, Alice (as of 12/21/13)
Previous Dream Address: 4400-4051-9272, 4400-3738-0692, 4400-2122-7881
This town of Tazmily was created by StarmanPhantom. Some of you may know him as Ness or Bushido in my ACCF Wi-Fi Moments videos. Or perhaps you've seen his Earthbound themed ACCF town of Onett. But in New Leaf, he's made a Mother 3 themed town called Tazmily.

Soon after arriving, I ran into Alec. "No crying until the end," he told me.

Alec: No crying until the end.

I went inside his house to check it out. It's a simple, but comfortable, log cabin.

Alec's log cabin.

Alec's log cabin.

I walked through Sunshine Forest and saw these Jacob's ladders and bushes.

Bushes in Sunshine Forest.

There are roads around town, and this traffic signal looks right at home.

Tazmily traffic symbol.

The town well was surrounded by four benches. StarmanPhantom told me the well represents the old Tazmily at the beginning of the game, before the Pigmasks came along. So in this town, a modernized Tazmily and a past Tazmily co-exist.

Tazmily well.

There was also a zen bell in front of the train station. No sign of Leder, though.

Brewster's cafe has been turned into the Yado Inn.

Yado Inn

And I'm definitely a fan of this modern bridge. It represents the new bridge that linked Tazmily to a nearby ranch and Duster's house.

I saw that Hamlet the hamster was one of the town villagers, so I had to stop in his house to say hello.

Hamlet the villager

Alice the koala seemed to be following me around town, trying to get in a picture. Several times I had to push her out of the way. But this time, I decided to include her in this picture of the wooden bridge. (The wooden bridge represents the old Tazmily bridge).

Old wooden bridge in Tazmily.

I soon ran into Duster, the thief.

Duster the thief.

And this is a look inside his house:

Duster's house.

Duster's house.

Town hall had a "Tazmily Village" flag. Olaf seemed to be looking up at it.

Tazmily Village flag.

I found a stone tablet with something buried in front of it. I got a shovel from Lloid and dug up a skeleton! Oops, maybe I shouldn't have done that.

Digging up a skeleton in the Sunset Cemetery.

Apparently, I stumbled into the Sunset Cemetery. Because that wasn't the only gravestone around.

Sunset Cemetery

Before long, I reached Kumatora's house (which represents Osohe Castle) and went inside to meet her.

Kumatora in Osohe Castle.

Naturally, this house was the biggest and fanciest. Here is a look at the rooms:

This is the room where you fight Mr. Passion and Lord Passion:

The room where you fight Mr. Passion.

And here is the hot spring:

Hot spring

If you track down Wendell outside, you can take any of the dozens of patterns featured in this town. That includes the paths, tombstones, and clothing.

And last, but certainly not least, I met Lucas himself.


Here is a look inside his house:

Lucas' house

StarmanPhantom tells me that the upstairs room functions as an attic, featuring the two kids' baby beds, and three objects representing the Eight Melodies within Mother (EarthBound Zero).

And that's the end of my tour. (Does that mean I should cry now?) If you're a fan of Mother 3, you'll definitely want to check this town out for yourself. I'm probably overlooking a lot of the details. Feel free to point out anything I missed in the comments section below.

UPDATE - December 21, 2013

The town has had some new features added, so I made a second visit to take a look at them. The first thing I noticed is that the zen bell has been replaced by the regular bell. It represents the bell tower in past Tazmily, which Leder rang for guidance and to alert the village of dangers, such as the fire in Sunshine Forest.

There is also now a tower, which represents Thunder Tower. As StarmanPhantom explains, it's the infamous Pigmask-built structure of doom that shot lightning at houses that didn't have "Happy Boxes," hypnotizing machines that commercialized modern day products and "happily" made the villagers of Tazmily Village modernize the town.

A fence has also been added for Flint's (and the family's) sheep.

Fence for Flint's sheep.

Also new is Kokori Hot Springs from Sunshine Forest. It restores all health and psychic points, as well as ridding you of any ailments.

Kokori Hot Springs

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