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Mayor: Mark
Date of Visit: May 7, 2014
Villagers: Hippeux, Maple, Agent S, Mira, Skye, Biskit, Tia, Rosie, Mallary
Welcome to the dream town of Topiary. As I arrived, I saw three items lying on the ground: A silver axe, a toy hammer, and star shades.

As I tried them on, Tia came over to sniff my hair. Get your trunk out of there!

True to its name, Topiary has two square topiaries just south of the plaza. A famous mushroom was also nearby, so I couldn't resist eating it.

I introduced myself to Biskit the dog. He may be named after a biscuit, but he was talking about French toast...and making me hungry.

I followed the path and soon found Mark's stump garden, where he had many different tree stump designs.

I saw a character named Shop, so I went in his house. Or should I say his shop. There were some nice things here, including a golden piggy bank and a royal crown, but all these cameras made me nervous! I'm not stealing anything! Quit watching me!

The left room of the shop was very flowery.

And the right room was full of Mark's...dress collection?

Back outside, the fairy-tale streetlight looked really nice all lit up.

I soon found Mark's big pair of cube sculptures, although they weren't moving in unison. That made them look a bit lopsided, but they still looked nice.

Topiary town hall looked great with the matching fairy-tale clock towers in front.

I found a nice picnic area with food, cake, a drinking fountain, and a garbage can.

I ran into a character named Mar2, and her house has a great-looking cafe. This whole town is making me hungry!

The left room looks like the site of a big birthday party! It has lots of cake, toys, and balloons.

The back room is a fancy restroom. Finally, I can relieve myself in style!

The kitchen is on the right. I'm not sure who the chef is, but he sure has a nose for cooking!

I then headed over to Mark's house. His main room is apparently his spaceship--it has sci-fi furniture and it looks great. I particularly like how he has a hologram machine with each customization: Man, woman, and alien.

The room on the left appears to be an alien bathroom. For close encounters of the #2 kind. There will be more than one full moon when the shower is in use.

I was afraid to see what was in the right room (alien autopsy maybe?), but I was a bit surprised when I found a toy room instead. I guess even aliens like to play with toys.

In the basement was a full 7/11 store. It also had a barbecue bed that looked more like a huge batch of lasagna. Who hasn't dreamed of rolling in lasagna?

One of the bridges in town has several famous mushrooms on it! I took them with me and ate them at various spots around town.

Another bridge has a bunch of other goodies on it: A tweeter, ice cream, a party popper, beans, sparkling cider, and more! It's stuff that's fun to eat, drink, or play with. Just look at that smile on my face!

After circling around town, I ended my dream. I had a good time in Topiary, and you should give it a visit too! Here are a few other pictures from my visit. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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