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Mayor: Colleen (Berrygood)
Date of Visit: June 28, 2016
Villagers: Marshal, Cesar, Boone, Chester, Penelope, Deli, Mint, Shari
Previous Dream Address: 4100-2965-4780
As I arrived in Tranquil, I found some presents lying on the ground. They contained clothes that turned me into a skeleton! I then dragged my bones over to Egypt: There were two pyramids, a Sphinx, and some sandy gold bricks. It was raining though, so maybe I was lion about it actually being Egypt.

Two pyramids and a Sphinx.

I made my way north to the home of the mayor, Colleen. Things got a bit disturbing when I found this odd girl with a balloon next to her dog's skeleton. What exactly is going on here?

An odd girl and her dead dog.

Even more disturbing is this picture of Jambette here!

Jambette's picture.

The back room had skull and bone designs just about everywhere!

Bone/skull patterns everywhere.

The room on the right combines Halloween and Christmas, complete with Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Halloween and Christmas join forces in this Nightmare Before Christmas room.

But don't think that Tranquil is all about horror, because it's not. In fact, you'll find a pretty princess themed room upstairs.

The princess furniture.

And many areas outside are quite beautiful as well...even if the rain does put a damper on things.


Illuminated arches and a tulip topiary.

But things look less pretty in the eastern part of town.

The gloomy part of town.

David lives over here, and he told me something shocking about the well!

David: I think her body is in the well.

Uh, nevermind about that glass of water. I'll get something else to drink on my way home.

The back room of David's house appears to be a crime scene. A sign on the wall says that it's Camp Crystal Lake...and this must be Jason! This is a Friday the 13th themed room.

Camp Crystal Lake.

The room on the right belongs to Frakenstein!

Frankenstein's room.

There's a cemetery upstairs, with not a soul in sight. I guess no one will hear if I let one R.I.P.


But curiosity get the best of me. I just had to look inside the coffins.

Let's check what's inside...

I don't know what I expected.

The Egyptian tomb in the basement will make you cry for mummy.

An Egyptian tomb.

Back outside, I met Olga. She looks friendly...

Olga: Come in, children.

Her house has a great Alice in Wonderland themed room.

An Alice in Wonderland themed room.

The back room is based on the children's story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. If you're fan, grab a bowl of porridge and enjoy this room. It's just right.

A Goldilocks and the Three Bears room.

The fairy tale theme continues with this room based on Little Red Riding Hood. Watch out for that wolf!

Little Red Riding Hood room.

And the basement has a Wizard of Oz room with Dorothy, the yellow brick road, a scarecrow, and even a flying monkey!

A Wizard of Oz room.

Just a note: Wendell can be found in this dream, and he will give you many of the patterns used in town.

Whether you like the horror stuff or just the fairy tale and movie rooms, Tranquil is a great dream town to visit! Be sure to check it out for yourself!

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