Jeff's Controller Collection

Above is a video that shows all of the different kinds of video game controllers I have. But due to space limitations, I didn't include controllers that were completely identical, unless they were displayed differently (such as a Wii remote by itself and a Wii remote with Wii MotionPlus). For example, I have several standard NES and SNES controllers that aren't shown. See below for pictures and descriptions of every controller in the video.

Atari controller collection: 2600 7800 Jaguar
A - Atari 2600 paddles (2 paddles, 1 plug)
B - Atari 2600 driving controller (Indy 500)
C - Atari 7800 joypad controller (Europe) with thumb stick attachment
D - Atari 7800 joypad controller (Europe) without thumb stick attachment
E - Atari 2600 joystick
F - Atari 2600 Video Touch Pad (Star Raiders)
G - Atari Jaguar ProController
Nintendo controller collection: NES SNES N64
A - NES controller
B - NES "dog bone" controller
C - Super Nintendo controller
D - Super Nintendo AsciiPad controller
E - Nintendo 64 black controller
F - Nintendo 64 blue controller
G - Nintendo 64 Extreme Green controller (glows in black light)
H - Nintendo 64 Atomic Purple controller
Sega controller collection: Genesis Dreamcast
A - Sega Genesis standard controller
B - Sega Genesis 6-button controller
C - Sega Dreamcast controller
Sony PlayStation controller collection: PS1 PS2
A - PlayStation white controller
B - PlayStation gray controller
C - PlayStation transparent blue DualShock controller
D - PlayStation 2 black DualShock 2 controller
E - PlayStation 2 emerald green DualShock 2 controller
F - PlayStation 2 Cleveland Browns wireless controller
Nintendo controller collection: GameCube Wii Wii U
A - Wii U GamePad
B - GameCube black controller
C - Gamecube platinum silver controller
D - GameCube silver WaveBird wireless controller
E - Thrustmaster T-Wireless GameCube controller (marketed as a Wii controller)
F - Hori Game Boy Player controller (GameCube)
G - Wii remote
H - Wii remote with Wii MotionPlus attachment
I - Wii nunchuk attachment
J - Wii Remote Plus - black
K - Wii Classic Controller Pro
Music controllers: GameCube PS2 Wii
A - DK Bongos (GameCube)
B - Taiko drum controller (PlayStation 2)
C - Guitar Hero Les Paul controller (Wii)
Miscellaneous controllers: SNES Wii Dreamcast
A - Wii Wheel
B - Super Scope light gun (Super Nintendo)
C - Wii Balance Board
C - Sega Dreamcast keyboard

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