Animal Crossing: New Leaf Festivale Guide

Pave the peacock: VIVA FESTIVALE!

What is Festivale?

Festivale is a holiday event in Animal Crossing: New Leaf where a dancing peacock named Pavé will provide you with an exclusive Pavé furniture in exchange for feathers. Confetti rains from the sky and your villagers will be wearing funny hats, dancing in the streets, and happily whistling your town tune.

When Is Festivale?

The exact date of Festivale will vary from year to year, but it will always be in February or March--48 days before Easter Sunday, to be exact. This will also be the day before Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). Festivale lasts the entire day (from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m.). This chart shows the dates for Festivale from 2014-2022:
2014:March 3
2015:February 16
2016:February 8
2017:February 27
2018:February 12
2019:March 4
2020:February 24
2021:February 15
2022:February 28

How It Works

Pavé will be located at the event plaza, near your town tree. He will ask you for feathers of a certain color: It may be red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, or white. Give Pavé three feathers of that color and he will reward you with a piece of Pavé furniture (after performing a fabulous little dance).

How to Obtain Feathers

The main method of collecting feathers is to use your bug net to snag them right out of the air. They will be floating around among the confetti.

I catch a red feather with my net on Festivale.

You can also win feathers by playing mini-games with your villagers. They may ask you to play Charades, Made Ya Look, or Rock-Paper-Scissors. If you win their game, they'll give you a feather. If you lose, they'll take a feather out of your pockets. Sometimes, instead of asking you to play a game, they'll just ask if you want to trade feathers. For example, they might offer to trade you a blue feather for a green one.

Rainbow Feathers

If you're lucky, you may find a rare rainbow feather flying around. If you catch it and give it to Pavé, he will do an extended dance and then give you a piece of Pavé furniture on the spot. You don't need three of them like you do with other feathers; one rainbow feather is enough. And it can be given to him at any time, regardless of what color feather he's currently asking for.

Catching a rare rainbow feather during Festivale!

A Helpful Tip

During the process of collecting feathers, you will invariably end up with a stockpile of certain colored feathers, while Pavé will seem to keep asking for the colors you don't have. However, if you "save & quit" your game to go back to the title screen, and then start again, he will ask for a different color. Hopefully, it'll be a color you have. If not, you can repeat this process as often as necessary.

Pavé Furniture

Unfortunately, Pavé will give you duplicate items often, so completing the full set of furniture can take hours. You may want to play with a friend, or at least find someone to exchange duplicates with, to speed up the process. Here is a list of all the furniture you can obtain, along with the price Re-Tail will pay for it.
Pavé bed12,000 bells
Pavé bookshelf12,000 bells
Pavé bureau12,000 bells
Pavé chair12,000 bells
Pavé chest12,000 bells
Pavé clock12,000 bells
Pavé closet12,000 bells
Pavé end table12,000 bells
Pavé lamp12,000 bells
Pavé sofa12,000 bells
Pavé table12,000 bells
Pavé floor1,800 bells
Pavé wall1,800 bells
The complete Pave furniture set acquired on Festivale.

Festivale Clothing

In the days leading up to Festivale, some Festivale clothing items will be available at Able Sisters. This includes the Festivale tank, Festivale tank dress, Festivale pants, and Festivale accessory. But unlike some other holiday events in New Leaf, the Festivale clothing is completely optional. You don't need to wear any of it to fully participate in the event.

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