Here you will find my brief reviews of Atari Jaguar games, along with a rating from 1 to 10. A rating of 9-10 indicates a great game; 7-8 is a good game; 5-6 is a mediocre game; 3-4 is a poor game; and 1-2 is a horrible game. At the bottom of the page can be found my Top 10 list. To view a video showing most of these games, see 50 Atari Jaguar Games.
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This first-person shooter lets you play as the Alien, the Predator, or a marine. Each character has a completely different scenario, which makes this seem like three games in one. Graphically, this is one of the best-looking games on Jaguar, although the frame rate is a bit choppy. It also has great sound effects and an eerie atmosphere that really sets the mood. The levels are huge and the game provides a hefty challenge. This is one of the best Jaguar games out there.

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As you can probably tell from the title, Atari Karts is a Mario Kart clone. Ride your go-kart on a variety of tracks, collect power-ups, and try to out-race your opponents. It has fairly good graphics (especially the backgrounds) and a lot of the music is excellent. While Atari Karts isn't as good as Nintendo's classic Super Mario Kart overall, it is still fun to play.

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In this innovative action/strategy game, you must help the good penguins outnumber the evil mutant penguins. You can do this by setting traps for them, tricking them, or just bashing them with a frying pan or baseball bat. It is fairly fun to play, but the 20 short levels seem to end too quickly.

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This 3D space battle game took over half a decade to finally be released. The wait was worth it however, as this is a quality game. The graphics and sound are both above average and there are a variety of game modes available. The controls are a bit complicated, but they work fine once you get used to them.
This update to the classic arcade game features enhanced graphics, new levels, a two-player mode, and a variety of power-ups. The object is still the same though: Hit the ball with your paddle and break the bricks. It's a fairly simple game, but it's fun to play, especially against a friend.

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This is no serious sports game. Power-ups and weapons are scattered across the field waiting to be picked up and used. If you can't outscore your opponent, grab a sword and try to slice his head off. This kind of outrageousness makes for some fun (and funny) gameplay when playing against a friend. Unfortunately, playing against the computer isn't nearly as entertaining.

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Bubsy the Bobcat stars in this side-scrolling platform game. The graphics and sound are decent, but the control is poor. It's hard to jump accurately, Bubsy starts running when you want him to walk, and sometimes you can't even stand still on an object without slipping off. Fractured Furry Tales is also very difficult. Even though you get nine lives, they go quickly because it only takes one hit to lose a life. There's no fun to be had in this horrible game.

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This point-and-click action/strategy plays like a PC game. You don't directly move your soldiers, you just move an arrow cursor to where you want them to go and press the button. The object is to shoot the enemies and blow up targets such as buildings. The problem with this game is that it quickly gets ridiculously difficult. It is mildly fun to play for a short time, but it doesn't take long before frustration sets in.

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This game is just plain bad. The action is pretty choppy and the artificial intelligence is pathetic, but it's the horrendous control that really kills this game. It's hard to enjoy racing when you crash on almost every turn. The only positive thing I can say about this game is that some of the music is pretty good.

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This is a unique driving game with three main game modes. In one mode, you must explore each level and collect "powerballs." Another mode lets you race against an opponent, while the other is a simple game of tag. The graphics are awful and the controls aren't very good either, but it still provides some decent fun when playing against a friend. Playing tag with a friend while driving miniature cars in a living room has its appeal.

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This was the original pack-in game included with the Jaguar when it was first released. It's a 3D space shooter that may resemble Star Fox at first, but here you have more freedom to fly in any direction you choose. Your main goal is collect pods on each planet, but many enemies will try to stop you. Once you learn the control system, Cybermorph is a fun game to play.

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This updated rendition of the arcade hit includes three versions of Defender. There's Classic Defender, a slightly updated version called Defender Plus, and the main game--Defender 2000. Unfortunately, the main mode isn't all that fun. The gameplay area is about two screens high, so you will sometimes miss enemies that are above or below you unless your eyes are glued to the radar. And your ship seems to move so quickly that you often don't have enough time to react. On the bright side, the techno music in the game sounds great and the Defender Plus mode is fairly fun.

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This is a classic first-person shooter from id Software. You use a variety of guns (including the ultimate BFG-9000) to blast imps and other enemies as you flip switches, collect keys, and search for the exit of each level. It's extremely fun and addictive whether played alone or deathmatching against a friend. Doom is one of my favorite games of all-time.

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In this puzzle game (known as The Humans on other platforms), you must lead a bunch of cavemen to the goal location in each level. You must discover fire and use tools (such as spears) to fight off dinosaurs and get past various obstacles. There are a total of 80 levels, so it will keep you busy for a while. It may not be as addictive as Lemmings, but Evolution: Dino Dudes is an entertaining game that also has good music.

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This is an adventure game in which you must shoot enemies and solve a variety of puzzles. It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what you have to do, so it may seem tedious at times. But overall, it's not a bad game.

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This is a good action game from Songbird Productions. It might resemble a Contra style game at first glance, but it has some adventure elements as well. You run around, shoot enemies, avoid traps, and try to reach the exit of each level. Some doors will be locked, and you'll need to find and flip a switch located elsewhere in the level before you can through. The main character is large, almost too large, and has somewhat floaty controls due to his hoverjets. But once you get used to the controls, you'll find Hyper Force to be an enjoyable game that also has some good music.
In this mech action game, you pilot a 42-foot tall robot. You can crush houses and tanks with your feet, shoot helicopters out of the sky, and use your robotic fists to demolish skyscrapers. Each mission has an objective, but sometimes it's just as fun to destroy everything in sight.

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The first fighting game released for the Jaguar was not a very good one. The graphics--especially the backgrounds--are very well done, but everything else is subpar. The game moves slowly, the sound is mediocre at best, and the control isn't that great either. The character design is quite questionable as well; this game is perhaps best known for having a Scottish guy (Angus) who shoots fireballs by lifting up his kilt.

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This is arcade-style basketball at its best. Play a game of 2-on-2 with NBA players, complete with power-ups, turbo speed, and outrageous dunks. Make three straight shots without your opponent making a basket and you'll be "on fire," during which time your shot percentage goes way up and the ball is literally engulfed in flames. All 27 NBA teams (at the time) were represented, along with a rookies team. At least three players from each team are included. Dozens of hidden characters (such as Will Smith and Bill Clinton) could be unlocked via codes. NBA Jam: Tournament Edition supports the 4-player Team Tap, and it is the Jaguar's best multiplayer game.

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This pinball simulation lets you choose from four tables. Play the horror themed Stones and Bones, the carnival themed Partyland, the car themed Speed Devils, and the Billion Dollar Gameshow. Stones and Bones is my favorite of the bunch, although none of the four is outstanding. The tables are several screens high, so the screen scrolls vertically to follow the ball as you play. Although some of the music is fairly good, Pinball Fantasies is just average in most respects. It may be a decent way to kill some time, but it's not a game that I would recommend.

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This 2D platformer stars the son of Pitfall Harry, the hero from Activision's hit 2600 game Pitfall! This time, Harry Jr. is journeying through the jungle on a mission to rescue his father. Harry Jr. can run, jump, climb and swing on vines, pull levers, ride mine cars, collect treasure, and of course fight off numerous enemies. Weapons at your disposal include a whip, sling stones, boomerangs, and exploding stones. The graphics and sound are pretty good, but the controls really hamper the gameplay. The controls are sluggish, which particularly causes problems when fighting fast-moving bosses or when crawling through small areas. Some of the levels provide a good challenge, but the game really isn't much fun to play. The inclusion of the original 2600 game is a nice bonus, but the main game is just mediocre.

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This is a fun driving/racing game played from an overhead view. You must make your way through each course before time runs out. There are over 30 tracks, some of which are challenging skill tests where you must perform tasks such as driving through cones. Multiple racers can compete for the best times, but only one person can race at a time.

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This is a shooting game based on the arcade hit. One or two players can blast their way through the eight action-packed stages. The control is very good, but the graphics and sound are average at best. The display area that shows your score and number of lives is ridiculously large; it takes up a full one-third of the screen. Raiden is somewhat fun to play, but it doesn't have any innovative or interesting features that set it apart from other shooters.

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The Rayman series has endured over the years, but few gamers realize that the series originated on the Atari Jaguar. Ubi Soft's Rayman debut is also the Jaguar's best platformer. As Rayman, you must make rescue the electoons, which have been hidden in every level. You start out unable to do anything but walk and jump, but you learn more abilities as you progress through the game. Rayman has some of the most impressive, most colorful graphics you'll find on the system. It's also a lot of fun to play, and it provides a major challenge in the later levels.

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There are two different pinball games on this cartridge. You can play Ruiner (which has a nuclear war theme) and Tower (which has a horror theme). Unfortunately, neither of the pinball tables is very well-designed, the screen does not scroll smoothly, most of the music and sound effects are poor, and this game is quite dull.

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This is a solid motorcycle racing game for one or two players. You can choose your bike and race on eight different tracks. The game moves at a quick pace and the control is excellent. Super Burnout doesn't seem to have any major flaws, yet for some reason it's not overwhelmingly fun to play.

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This racing game is below average in every respect. The biggest problem is that the low frame rate makes the game hard to control. The graphics and sound are disappointing as well. This game isn't quite as bad as Checkered Flag, but it's still not a game I'd recommend.

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This space shooter is probably the Jaguar's most popular game...and with good reason. The action is fast and the gameplay is challenging and addictive. It also features an outstanding techno soundtrack that suits the game well. This is a game you don't want to miss.

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In this game, you try to create an ideal theme park so that you can attract many visitors and earn as much money as possible. You can customize virtually everything, from the number of custodians you hire to how much ice goes into the drinks at the refreshment stands. Theme Park is certainly fun to play, but there is one major problem that keeps it from being a great game: YOU CAN'T SAVE YOUR PARK! Sure, you can sell your park and save the money you earned, but that's not the same.

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This 2D space shooter has great graphics, but not much else. There is no in-game music, the sound effects are unimpressive, and the game forces you to use the hard-to-reach keypad buttons to change weapons. But most importantly, the gameplay is very, very dull.

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The Jaguar's only serious football game comes from Tradewest. Unfortunately, it's just average: It's a mediocre port of a mediocre 16-bit game. It is amusing to hear the announcer though, because it sounds like he's trying to impersonate John Madden's voice. If you're desperate for NFL action on the Jaguar, then this is your only option. Otherwise, steer clear.

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This is the best fighting game on the Jaguar. You can choose from seven different characters, some of which are digitized actors, and fight against the computer or a friend. The game has good graphics, sound, and control. It may seem a little slow at first, but there is a turbo code available that speeds up the gameplay.

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This winter sports game lets you use skis or a snowboard as you compete in a variety of events. The game plays extremely fast; the sense of speed gives you less time to respond to oncoming obstacles, but it also makes it a lot of fun to play.

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This is a playground basketball game loosely based on the movie of the same name. Up to four players can play at once, but why would you want to? The animation is choppy, the control is poor, and the camera is always zooming around at different angles. This is one of my least favorite Jaguar games.

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In this predecessor to Doom, you fight Nazi soldiers and Hitler instead of demons and imps. You roam through mazes, collect keys, blast enemies, and search for the way out. Wolfenstein 3D has some good music and fast-moving gameplay, and it's a lot of fun to play.

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Teams of worms go to battle in this fun, simple strategy game. On each turn, you can use a weapon to attack your opponents, use a blowtorch to create a tunnel, place a girder to make a bridge, or retreat to a different location. Many such weapons and tools are available. Up to four people can play (no Team Tap required), each with his/her own team of worms. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a save feature to remember your settings. But Worms is still a blast, especially with two or more players.

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This is an extremely challenging 3D space shooter. Depending on the level, you may view your ship from a third-person perspective or a first-person cockpit view. The game has good graphics and music, but the gameplay didn't keep me interested very long. You'll need lots of patience to get far in this game.

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This is an action/platform game in which you can play as a male or female ninja. The gameplay consists of running, jumping, shooting, and collecting lots of items that are scattered throughout each level. The control has some problems, most of which involve jumping. Even though there is a jump button, you'll also jump if you press up (or diagonally up) on the control pad. As a result, you end up jumping when you didn't mean to. Zool 2 is mildly fun to play, but it's nowhere near as good as Rayman.

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This is a unique puzzle game in which you control a triangle at the center of the screen. Various shapes close in on your home area, and you have to shoot them. But you can only eliminate shapes that are the same color as you; shooting any other shape will allow you to switch colors with that shape. Zoop isn't a great game overall, but it is mildly entertaining.

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The Top 10 Jaguar Games

This is my list of the best games that I have played for this system. This list will change over time as I play more games in the system's library.

1. Doom
2. Tempest 2000
3. NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
4. Wolfenstein 3D
5. Alien vs. Predator
6. Rayman
7. Battle Sphere
8. Worms
9. Brutal Sports Football
10. Ultra Vortek

Gameplay video featuring 50 Jaguar games:
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