Crazy Redd & QR Codes

Today, I was talking to Harry and he told me that he’s planning on moving out of Forest. Even though there are several animals in Forest I dislike more, I didn’t try to stop him. He said he’ll be moving out on the 22nd of this month.

Harry: I've already picked a day too. I'll be leaving on the 22nd of this very month!While walking around looking for the money rock, I spotted a tent. It’s Crazy Redd! I guess they chose not to put “black market” on his tent this time.

Crazy Redd's tent. It does not say Black Market on it, like it did on GameCube.Crazy Redd had two paintings and a statue for sale. I bought the mystic statue.

Redd: Whoa! I see you've got eyes ony for that mystic statue there! I'd say it has eyes for you too!Even though you are required to pay him immediately, you can’t have the item right away. He says he will send it in the mail. Given Crazy Redd’s shady history, I’m not sure trusting him is such a wise idea. But there’s another curious aspect of Crazy Redd in New Leaf: You can only buy one of his three items! Why?? That makes no sense to me. As greedy as he is, why would he refuse a sale?

Redd: But sorry, friend. Items are limited to one per customer per visit, so you're just outta luck for the day.Anyway, I left his tent and saw an item down on the beach below. I went down the ramp to see what it was; it’s a lost item.

I picked up a lost item!So I had to go around asking my neighbors if it was theirs. I asked a couple villagers, and then took a break from that and decided to go shopping.

In the Able Sisters, Sable and Mabel told me about a new, large sewing machine they got. Sable didn’t know how to use it, so she asked me if I knew. Then Mable told me it uses the 3DS camera to read QR codes of custom designs.

Mabel: This machine uses the Nintendo 3DS camera to read the QR Code of custom designs.She said I can also use it to make a QR code of patterns I make. So if I make a pattern, I can have a QR code made, and you all could just scan the code into your 3DS and you’d have the pattern, without having to recreate it yourself! That’s pretty awesome, and a huge time-saver!

Mabel: You can also create a QR code for designs you've created.I’ve only made one pattern so far, and it’s not something people would want (the JVGS logo), but I may make some other patterns in the future. When I do, I’ll be sure to post a QR code so you can download them into your game.

I then crossed over into the accessories part of the shop, where I tried on the stache & glasses. I’m sorry, but Labelle has lost all credibility in my eyes. She says everything looks great. Come on!

Labelle: Wow, that cute look is great on you.Back in town, I eventually found the owner of the lost item; it was the scatterbrain, Gabi. She gave me a bamboo shoot to thank me.

Gabi: I'm such a scatterbrain. I must have dropped it.And outside, Katt approached me, asking for a catchphrase. I had her ask “What am I?”

Katt: Jeff... You're lookin' at me weird, what am I?!After identifying some fossils and selling some stuff, I made a donation towards the Dream Suite. I still have a long way to go.

Lloid: Our target fund is 234,000 bells. We've collected 74,111 bells so far.That’s all for today. If you haven’t seen Nintendo’s Inside the Treehouse videos, they’re basically a chat with some of the Nintendo employees who have worked on localizing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the American market. Here are the first two episodes:

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