Dreaming of Anville

Today’s good news? It was snowing, so I didn’t have to water my flowers. The bad news? I was having a bad luck day and kept falling on my face.

Me falling on my face.When I worked at the cafe today, I saw a new villager I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: It was Keaton the eagle.

Keaton: Can you get me some coffee? Let's see... Oh, no sugar in it! I eat enough sugar as it is.I found a lost item on the beach, and I picked it up. I was hoping it would get me a villager picture, so I started asking around. But it didn’t take long, because it belonged to Tabby again. It seems like the lost items are almost always hers! Quit losing everything, you dumb cat!

Tabby: It is SUCH a big relief to get that back, I'm evil.I decided to make a dream visit to Olivia’s town Anville (dream address 6900-2923-1084). She has some really nice tiles and paths in her town.

Path tiles in Anville.And she has Fauna the deer, who is (along with Molly and Lolly) one of the cutest animals in the game.

Fauna: I was wondering why I didn't recognize you. It's because you're from a different town!Anville is apparently set in the spring, with all the pink trees.

I sit on a yellow bench and enjoy the pink trees in Anville.Look, I’m on 3DS!

Using a face-cutout standee that has a design of a 3DS system. From the dream town of Anville.She also has a nice Christmas/New Year’s room set up.

A Christmas themed room that's already for the new year with a large 2014 spelled out in number lamps.I enjoyed my visit to her dream town of Anville, but eventually I returned to Forest. When I did, Skye (the wolf) told me she was going to move out of town on the 10th of this month! Oh no, no, no, not allowed! Not until I get your picture.

Skye: On the 10th of this month, I'm venturing out into the world.Since my buddy Rolf was still sick, I bought some medicine for him once again.

Rolf gulps down the medicine that I gave him.And a bit later, Skye (the human) asked to drop off Katie in my town. So I opened my gate momentarily for that.

Katie: Thanks for bringing me here!After that, I finished up for the night. See you all next time!

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  1. Oh Keaton used to have him in my town now he stalks my main street forever MADE YOU MOVE FOR A REASON YOU MADE ME LIKE YOU to much now I can’t play animal crossing without talking to you sigh he moved when I stopped playing for a while for pokemon you didn’t let me be a trainer for one year!

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