Dream Visit to Milani

When I went in to visit Big Top tonight, I found him sleeping standing up. That reminded me of the GameCube version, where animals would sleep standing up (but outside).

Big Top: Maybe I should go ahead and get my presleep snack on and then turn in for real, trunkless.I went over to Wendy’s town to give her the QR path patterns I scanned, but unfortunately, I found out I couldn’t display them in Able Sisters! Very disappointing. Hopefully she’ll unlock the big sewing machine soon, though.

Mabel: OK. Can you show me the design you'd like to have displayed?I’m sure she can’t wait to get rid of the placeholder patterns.

Wendy's white placeholder patterns.Unfortunately, Hazel just moved into her town.

Hazel: As a new, official Pawnee resident, allow me to welcome you! Uni-wow!And Wendy’s dog Daisy told me I have a dangerous-looking thing!

Daisy: What's this? You've got a rather dangerous-looking thing there!We glitched into her pond and hung out there for a while. I used my tweeter to pierce her ears.

Blowing my tweeter so it appears to come out Wendy's ears.After she ended the party, I went to the Dream Suite. Luna told me Ciaran from Berlin was my most recent dream visitor.

Dreaming of Milani

I then made a dream visit to Kitten’s town Milani (dream address 4100-2802-1949). As soon as I arrived, I could tell it was a cool town.

Starry patterns on the ground in Milani.The outside parts of town are quite pretty with lots of flowers and nice paths.

The paths in Milani.But the houses have a wide range of themes. Be aware that there is a drug-themed room in one of the houses. And this room is a bit…cheeky:

Signs by the statue's butt: Come closer. Bask in my presence.Not far from the train tracks, I found a toy hammer and a pumpkin head. It’s always nice to have some fun accessories to wear or play with.

Me wearing a pumpkin head and holding a toy hammer.I also met Lily the groggy froggie in Milani.

Lily: You must be a new visitor! Well, I'd love to show you the sights, but I'm feeling strangely groggy today.A pattern outside one house warned the villagers to obey the mayor.

Pattern on ground: Obey mayor.I also found a room with a snowman army! I hope they keep the air conditioning up pretty high!

A room full of snowmen.And another room was the site of a game show! The contestants were three gyroids and a mannequin.

A game show room.The town also had some creepy, horror themed rooms.

A horror themed room with a large 666.And who would want to sleep like this?

A bed surrounded by soldier statues.Milani is a really cool town, though. The dream address again is 4100-2802-1949 if you want to check it out.

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