September Dreamin’

When I started up the game this morning, I saw something I didn’t want to see: Katie. The last time Katie was here on a Sunday, she made me miss out on my chance at buying turnips. But fortunately, I remembered that she can block Joan, so I opened my gate. This makes Katie disappear, so I could hunt for Joan as usual. And I found her pretty quickly this time, too. She was selling turnips for 94 bells each, and I bought 3,400 of them.

Joan: The asking price is 94 bells per turnip. What do you think, kiddo?After buying my turnips, I saved and quit the game for a few hours. I came back to it later this evening. As I went in to visit Big Top, I saw that Rolf was also there visiting him.

Rolf: Yo! Are you here to see Big Top? Me too!But seeing two villagers in one house made me remember something that I saw yesterday: A birthday reminder on the bulletin board!

Happy birthday, Octavian! We all wish you a wonderful new year of life!That’s right, I saw that sign yesterday and I forgot all about it! I missed Octavian’s birthday! I bet he’s going to slap me eight times now! And I have a feeling I won’t be getting his picture anytime soon. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

Agent S asked me for some fruit, so I gave her a perfect peach. And I was treated to this dialogue which could only take place in the world of Animal Crossing: “Thanks for the fruit. Please have a scarecrow.”

Agent S: Thanks for the fruit! Please have a scarecrow!Over in my campsite, there was a yellow, French froggy. I’m sure he would have liked to dive into some deep conversation, but I quickly sailed out of there.

Cousteau: I'll just stay here for a little while. Nice to meet you, oui oui.Up at the Dream Suite, Luna told me that Keira from Heaven was my most recent dream visitor. In fact, she was apparently visitor #6000!

Luna: Records state the number of clients who have experienced a dream about Forest is 6,000.I also had a dream of Suzy’s town Rainbow (dream address 5000-2428-6314). While it’s not as developed as the towns featured in Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures, it’s a decent town with some areas that look quite nice.

The town of Rainbow.But it does have one thing I really dislike: Jambette.

Ack! A Jambette sighting!Seeing her again made me think Cousteau isn’t so bad after all. Forget the Dream Suite, they should call it the Nightmare Suite.

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