Unlikely Place for a Lost Item

In my mail today was a letter from Gulliver. He sent me this hula doll from Hawaii. Aloha!

A hula doll from Gulliver.Unfortunately, it was a nice, sunny day in Forest. Kidd offered to sell me a graceful painting for 7,840 bells. Even though I already have one of those in the museum, I decided to buy it.

Kidd: I feel much better about parting with my graceful painting knowing that YOU bought it.At the top of the cliff by my zen bell, I saw a lost item down on the beach below.

A lost item on the private beach.Since it was the private beach, I had to put on my wet suit and swim over there to pick it up. I assume someone must’ve dropped it off the cliff, because I’ve never seen the animals do any swimming. Not even Octavian!

I started asking my villagers if the lost item belonged to them. But before I could ask Gala, she pinged me. She wanted to give me a new nickname: Mr. J.

Gala: Umm... How about Mr. J?Most of the nicknames in the game seem to be mushy pet names like dearie, cookie, and cupcake. So I’m glad she chose something a bit more fitting for a guy, even if it is a bit formal.

I spoke to Gala again and found that the lost item was indeed hers. She thanked me and gave me her comfy sweater. That may be a nice gesture, but I’m not sure I want to wear something that was previously worn by a pig. I can just picture her rolling in the mud with this on…no wonder she’s giving it away!

Gala: In fact, I'd like to give you a reward. It's not much, but how about my comfy sweater?Up at the Dream Suite, Luna told me that Jake from Hawaii was my most recent dream visitor. And I held a short giveaway for my graceful painting. Mew from Kittan was the winner, so I dropped it off at her town.

Making a delivery to Mew.After that, I returned to the Dream Suite to visit Ethan’s dream town of Habitat (dream address 7500-2158-2503). I put on some clothes that were nearby and took this picture in a colorful part of town, near a bench.

Colorful flowers and patterns in Habitat.I went inside a house to visit Goldie the dog, and she said she had a dream about meeting a new friend.

Goldie: Maybe that's you, woof.I also spoke with some other cute villagers, including Kiki and Fauna.

Fauna: I hope you have a good time in this dreamy dreamland!Habitat is a very nice town that’s definitely worth a look. If you have the Dream Suite and want another cool town to visit, Habitat would make a great choice.

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